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Kamui Ozora - No Discount

Fascinating. This Twili is able to teleport. I quickly take out my notepad & scribble down this discovery. The Twili informs me of the guy who lives in this hut. "Ah, but-" But I was too late to ask her for her name. She was long gone. "How am I suppose to get a discount without knowing your name?" I didn't shout, I just spoke in a mild manner. It didn't bother me how much I have to pay. Might as well get some shut-eye.

Just a heads up, the lake behind me, I'm glad I didn't notice it. I would've freaked out & rush inside the hut.

Once inside, I began searching around for the owner, which was like...5 seconds. Since I don't know the Twili's name, I pay the fisherman full price for a place to stay for the night. I'm glad I got plenty of Rupees.

I was lying on my bed, looking at my notepad.

-can teleport
-have orange hair
-are pretty tall
-have dark-colored features (which would be from black to silver)
-act like normal people
Already I have plenty I have learned. I wonder what else I'll discover tomorrow? I don't think I'll be able to get any sleep!

10 minutes later


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