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    Lon Lon Ranch
    "Please, make yourself at home. I'd like to catch up on my reading a little while longer." Malon said, before she sat down and began reading a book, something that was out of Tatal’s capabilities. The cat that also morphs into a boy was leaning against him, something that filled Tatal with angst as he was never used to being close to anyone but he tolerated it with a slightly nervous look on his face. He eyed the room suspiciously before looking over to Malon with a grave look on his face, unsure as to if he could trust her. She was almost too friendly and trusting but maybe this was just part of her nature. The silence in the room besides the fire and the sound of the occasional page was relaxing although otherwise he felt very uncomfortable because he didn’t know anyone well aside from Kokiri.

    “Are you…” he began to ask but his voice trailed off, beginning to ask if she was alone on the Ranch but it sounded too non-pragmatic. Tatal quickly make his way to the other side of the room so he could keep an eye on Malon, and sat on the floor with his legs crossed. He felt tired but restless due to his doubt in the safety here.

    He looked up to Malon. “Don’t you fear for your safety here? Is there any news of recent? Also…” his voice trailed off but this time he picked up his voice again. “Do you live here alone?” he asked, unleashing his questions quickly like a barrage although he regret ever making the statement, so he silently reached out to the cat with a frown on his face.


    Diceon removed the pole on his back out from under his cloak and twirled it with his right and for a bit, fast enough for it to chop through the air, then he skillfully exchanged it to his left hand, continuing to spin it and he withdrew a dagger from his tunic with his right hand.

    “I’m not too skilled with the dagger but you wouldn’t want to cross my path with this pole” Diceon said with a sly grin on his face.

    He suddenly halted the movement of the pole, planted it vertically in the ground with his weight on it and he sheathed his dagger and placed it back in his cloak. As his right hand was free, he took the Rock man’s hand and shook it.

    “I’d be glad to go along with you but just one thing, I might not be able to enter this town for a while.” Diceon said with a frown reappearing on his face and looking back at Castle town. He knew that a small amount of guards would be sent to look for him although they didn’t know where he was going as Diceon didn’t even know himself. He didn’t know when he would be able to get back but he knew that what he was looking for in life wasn’t restricted to just Castle Town.