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    Nadia watched the confrontation as the Hylian woman's appearance altered so quickly and dramatically that it took Nadia a while to process what happened. Amber eyes, gray skin and orange hair replaced blue eyes, white skin and black hair. The young child blinked and tilted her head in near surprise. How could she not have known? Surely Mira's energy should have tipped off her true identity in some way. Apparently not. Nadia never had direct experience with shape shifters of any kind, though she was fully aware that shape shifters in Hyrule weren't uncommon. The little girl decided to assume that this was Mira's true form. Although... what was it? It was nothing Nadia had ever seen or heard about before. Even her dad definitely never told her of any race with features like those, and he tended to teach her about everything he knew.

    Nadia quietly surveyed the fight against the unwanted guest before it seemed to end with Mira making a pact with it. The energy in the environment grew still after the Poe agreed to leave them alone and Mira sheathed her dagger. Nadia swallowed the saliva that had accumulated in her mouth and looked off into the distance for just a moment when the Poe exploded in beams of light and her attention was immediately drawn back to it. "They never listen, do they?" Thorn muttered. The purple smoke which remained from the dispatched Poe swirled up and faded into the air. Nadia looked at Mira and asked her the question she really wanted the answer to. 'What... are you? I thought you were Hylian but now you're something else I've never seen,' she said telepathically.
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