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    NAIT the TWILI
    Lon Lon Ranch

    Chapter One: Part Six
    Master of Disguise

    “So before I sleep, who are you and what do you plan to do here?”

    The cat followed him into the room as he spoke. "Few people have ever shown interest in me... What an unusual thing to ask." He waited for the boy to climb into bed before he leapt up and curled up on the top of the blanket. "My name is Nait. I'm here for the same reason you are, if that reason is shelter away from the monsters. This world... Intrigues me. However, the only part of it I'm unable to study is the monsters who appear at night, as I lack much fighting ability to defend myself with." Nait curled, though rested his head over his tail, his amber gaze softly glowing even in the dark.

    "This world of light... Twili generally seem to avoid it, because it is so unlike our world, which is accustomed to darkness. My mother raised me differently, though. She told me that she once hated the light world as well, until she actually came to experience it and eventually grew fond of it, and its people. She taught me that no one is exactly what they appear to be. Even the seemingly kindest people can have a dark side, though the world isn't as cruel and unforgiving as we're expected to believe." He closed his eyes, feeling somewhat weary from his day. "I believe that you won't endanger me, and you haven't given me one reason to believe otherwise, which is why I'm comfortable here. You seem like a good person to me, at least."