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    Lon Lon Ranch
    “I believe that you won't endanger me, and you haven't given me one reason to believe otherwise, which is why I'm comfortable here. You seem like a good person to me, at least.” Nait said curled up on the bed sheets. These words brought some comfort and more trust to Tatal.
    “Twili…” Tatal whispered below the sound of his breath. He knew that whatever Nait was he wasn’t Hylian or Kokiri but he had never heard of these Twili before. They were in all probability shape-shifters and possibly manifestations of shadows but they also seemed to be sentient lifeforms. He was an organism because of the fact that he mentioned a mother but he is definitely from another world accustomed.

    The room was full of melancholy to Tatal and Nait gave reason to imply that his mother was either dead or in some other sort of predicament which forced him to live here though it must be inconvenient to remain in animal-form in the presence of Malon. How long had this boy spent on this ranch? Reverting to his regular mood, Tatal responded with a sigh.

    “Well nonetheless it doesn’t matter to me too much.” Tatal said with an unconcerned tone though he really was curious but felt it was a subject that shouldn’t be pushed further. More questions came to mind but it was not his place. He turned his back to Nait, a gesture not out of rudeness but more to give him time to contemplate on his own thoughts and after a few minutes, he became more relaxed. Not much later, Tatal’s head hung limp and he went into slumber.

    With his leg free, Diceon charged into the fray although he now had a resolution not to fall behind to get saved.

    “Thanks.” Diceon shouted to the big Goron who was something of a wrecking ball in combat. Diceon used his pole to vault at the remaining two enemies and kicked one into the ground and his pole slammed against the other’s neck with a heavy, momentum-powered impact although Shortly of clearing the mob of Stalchildren one after another arose from the ground. Counting them up, Diceon noticed 9 of the skeleton warriors in totals.

    “There’s too many of them!” Diceon shouted as he began to walk back. Their only hope would be to make it to the ranch. Turning around, Diceon dashed towards the gates of the ranch. As soon as he managed to reach the gate, he felt the air of a blade cutting through the air, and almost Tatal, behind him. He dove over the gate and fell, planting his head into the soil on the other side and a restraining pain that caused him to go comatose. He fell full flat on the ground and a small amount of blood trickled down his forehead.