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    "I thought women were at the back of the army making the sandwiches ?"

    In reality, war is about death and killing. If a woman wants to go to the front line and be shot at and killed, then that's her choice.
    Most men and woman who are capable and intellectual should NOT be sent to the front lines to be shot at and killed. If woman are such a distraction, they should be medics, pilots and be MORE useful than just a meat shield or an expendable body to just die.
    The only argument you can make against women serving in the front lines of combat is the lack of strength (naturally given to males) and are they too soft for the "mindless aggression and killer instinct" that is needed for the heat of battle.
    War and conflict is dangerous and you can commend anyone for going into a combat zone and preparing to do their duty to their country. Who needs equality when there is the saying "All is fair in love and war."
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