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    Pokémon Mystical Grief is a project being currently worked on RPG Maker XP with Pokémon Essentials. It's based on an interesting character-developing story and it's expected to show the darker and creepier side of the world of Pokémon, bringing some old themes to life. The main inspiration for the project is Pokémon GSC, the Zero Escape series and some common Fantasy RPG and Puzzle Games concepts. Fakémon will be included, Old characters will be present in the storyline, and this one will be divided by Chapters. There's also time travel involved, which is one of the major features: you'll have to choose different choices more than once to get the outcomes you want, but despite that, the main story it's a little lineal so the player don't get lost. The possibility of changing choices it's not the only thing the time travel offers, you'll have to go to the middle age and discover many secrets that will help you solve the riddles and puzzles you'll find in the future.

    While many Pokémon games are aimed at a child audience, Pokémon Mystical Grief is principally aimed at old followers of the series, and because of that the story is more mature and emotional. Some old mysteries will be continued, including Mew's appeareance in Guyana, Mewtwo's creation, Dr.Fuji and his daughter, Molly Hale's incident in Greendale as well as other events showed in the series.

    Historical Context

    As the slogan says, it takes place 20 years after Mt.Coronet's events in Sinnoh, and technology has improved. There are no flying cars all over the cities, as they would be too expensive for people to have, but there are a lot of changes in electronic devices and some tweaks in the storage and healing systems. Time travel offers the temptative option to get back to Elarosa's middle age, finding the player in the small fortress Elarosa was at the time. Being in the past lets the player witness the legend of the guardian take place, but this time something has changed... something bad... something that will put Elarosa's life and future to the limit, and only the legitimate king, inheritor of the throne, owner of courage and wisdom, can bring peace again to this land...


    Our hero (that means you) this time is none other than Ray/Lina, Volkner's son and daughter. You just beated the Battle Zone in the Fight Area and are expecting to get back to Sunyshore City. While healing your pokémon to get ready one of the sailors shows up at the Pokémon Center and tells you to hurry up because the cruise liner is about to leave, so you rush to the ship and make it on time, thinking on how your Dad will react when you say you won the Battle Tower challenge.

    A day passes, you're aching for sunlight and decide to go out for a while and that's when you see it.
    A giant snake-shaped Pokémon appears just in front of the ship making a big storm and enormous waves. The ship loses control and it's forced to go other way to be safe. The captain eventually announces: "A storm made by a pokémon delayed our arrival time at Sunyshore City, please stay calm, we managed to get away but we'll have to stop by Sorel City's port as it's the nearest one in order to check any possible damage, we are sorry for the inconvenience, as our policy says we'll give the current passengers the ride back to Sunyshore City for free once we're finished."
    You get back to your room and decide to call your dad to tell him you'll be on the Elarosa Region, and proceed to explain the problem: "There's no need to worry, dad", but him as a worried father says he'll take the next plane to Sorel City.

    The ship finally arrives at Sorel City's port, and for your surprise, Volkner was already there waiting for you. He tells you that he knows a friend who lives there and both can stay at her place for a while. This person is Unova's Elite Four Shauntal, who met your father at Unova's Pokémon League when he tried to beat it. "Your father have always been a person driven to fierce battles" she said. "You know, Elarosa is famous for being a touristical place, also a lot of trainers from all around the world come here to prove their skills in the Elarosa's Pokémon League Challenge, maybe you could try". You spend the night and talk about your adventures during the whole dinner.


    One day, you dad cames up with the idea of staying in Elarosa and letting you try to beat the Champion.
    He thinks it's a great idea and encourages you to do it, but says it's no fair if you go with your current Pokémon so he takes them away. As you take your first steps outside the house a man notices you and introduces himself as Dust, a trainer and researcher of Elarosian Mythology: "Is your name Lina/Ray? I saw the news. May I ask you a few questions?". You agree to respond. "See, lately a lot of reports have been coming about the appeareance of a very large unidentified Pokémon around various regions, and apparently the incident on the criuse liner was provoked by him. Did you saw that Pokémon when you were on board?". You tell him what happened on the cruise liner. "Oh, excelent! Could you describe that Pokémon please?". "Hmm, I see, it's just how I thought, maybe his appeareance it's the reason of the decaying of life here in Elarosa... Huh? Nevermind, I shouldn't tell you details about that. But hey, maybe you could help me with my research, yes?". You accept. "Take this, it's a Pokémon Bracer, or PokéBracer for short, it has the Live Caster app, better known as the Xtransceiver function. It's an old prototype version but it should suffice for my askings. Whenever you see something similar occurs, please, give me a call with it. Anyway, you're new in Elarosa which means you'd love to see what Pokémon are found here. My aid it's in my lab here in Sorel City, she always helps starting trainers so you could go there and borrow a Pokémon. If you want to go just tell her I sent you there, she'll inmediately know what to do. Now, I should be going, I have a meeting in Stradia City's museum, please have a nice day."

    As the man leaves you're free to go. But wait! What was that all about!? What's going on!? I mean, you don't see a huge Pokémon creating storms by it's way everyday, and he said it was appearing everywhere! Oh! and what was he saying about the "Decaying of life"!?... Could it be related to that strange Pokémon? Depends on you to find out.

    Your story is yours and yours alone. From now on, your decisions will define the path your journey will take. Please weave a wonderful tale!


    A whole new region to explore!

    New Starters!

    Almost 50 new Pokémon! (Fakes)

    An infinity of puzzles and riddles to solve!

    New Moves!

    A deeper, emotional and more mature story with a bunch of plot-twists involving familiar faces!

    The posibility of obtaining every single pokémon in one way or another including the Gen VI new starters, Sylveon, Xerneas and Yveltal! (By the time this project is finished, there'll be enough info on them to make it happen)

    Legendary Pokémon will have event moves and atributes!

    You'll have to visit other regions in order to complete the story! (just visiting some places, not vast exploring.)

    There'll be Toughened up trainers with higher level Pokémon!

    Time Travel! (Yes, you read that right, Time Travel!)

    The PokéBracer, a new device for trainers with a lot of useful apps!

    A custom egg for every Pokémon!

    And much more!



    Lina Light
    Volkner's 17 years old Daughter and the main character of the story (Male is the secondary one in this case). She's very shy but can be brave if needed. Raised by Volkner and his Raichu due to the absence of her mother, she grew up very lonely but developed a big fragile heart, open to help everyone in need. She started his Pokémon Journey by the age of 16 and in just one year became not only the Champion of Sinnoh, but also one of the winners at the Battle Frontier. Deceived by how empty the prize felt, she just wanted to get home with her father and live a normal life. She likes goth fashion and it's a big fan of Shauntal, her favourite novel writer.

    Ray Light
    Volkner's 17 years old son and the alternate protagonist to the story. After his mother passed away giving birth, he was raised by Volkner and his Raichu, the later which became his favourite Pokémon and helped him all the way on his journey. Because of the way he felt being a child without a mother, his heart closed up and he grew as a kid with pain and remorse inside, despite being a happy guy with other people. Blind by his deep feelings, he battles to channelise the guilt of killing his mother. He always dreamed of beating Tower Tycoon Palmer. He achieved his dream, and now he thinks there's nothing more left in life for him.

    Volkner Light
    Sunyshore City's old gym leader. He's a single parent now, his wife died giving birth of his daughter so he and his Raichu worked together to raise her, and now with so little time he left someone else in charge of the gym. Heart broken, the only thing that keeps him wanting to live is you, making him an overprotector father.

    Dust Cedar
    A researcher from Elarosa, born in Sorel City. He is looking for the Pokémon who's appearing everywhere and making storms on it's way. By his research, he assumes this Pokémon could be "Esklerios" a mythological entity of the Old Elarosa who came from the sky every time the monarchy changed it's leader, to protect the region from unlegitimate kings, and leading the incarnated hero of the legend to his throne. He's quite hoped and energetic, but middle age it's striking him hard, and that has made his research go slower.

    Stephania ???
    A cute 11-15 years old girl Lina meets on the start of the journey on Elarosa. She's quite mysterious but friendly, and helps Lina whenever she sees her. Strangely, she doesn't catch Pokémon, they come to aid her when she needs them instead. Always on a rush, she never stays too long for you two have a break.

    Reck Skylar
    A guy you met on the early days of your journey on Elarosa. He's very cold and apathic. You don't know too much about him, but he already sees you as a rival. His father it's the CEO of Skylar Corp, the biggest organization in Elarosa. He hated his life as a rich person, so he ran away from his home and started a journey of his own with a Pokémon he stealed form one of the labs at the main building of the corporation. Blessed with a great mind thanks to it's father, he almost always know what to do, and by that reason he rejects help from other people saying he is fully capable of doing everything he wants, and doesn't need the help of insignificant persons.

    Noel Skylar
    Reck's father, CEO of Skylar Corp. When he was young he discovered the Inemium, an element that is capable of supplying a great amount of energy to almost every structure in Elarosa. World famous, he's always being praised by his research and studies. He dissaproves the idea of his son going in a journey around the region, and instead maked him a super-dotated student, passing him all his knowledge and showing him the work he made in his lab. Although he doesn't want his son to pursue his own dreams, he's a caring father and only wants what's better for his child, but his actions told Reck the other way, and now Reck thinks his father's not proud of him.

    Additional Information:

    The Elarosa Region

    Elarosa it's actually based on the Chūgoku and Shikoku Regions of Japan. Kansai, and Chūbu would be what we know as Johto, Kantō region would be, well, Kanto, and Kyūshū region would be Hoenn. Elarosa it's between Johto and Hoenn, in fact, Cinnabar Town forms part of Elarosa's south island. This map shows how Elarosa it's a really exotic region full of places of interest (Includes ice caves, a desert, two forests, two lakes, abandoned ruins, a river in the middle of a valley, a tunnel, a ghost ship, a haunted town, a little volcano island, and more), because of this, the region it's very touristical and many trainers from all around the world visit these places (which justifies why trainers are so tough). The outmost islands are, from left to right, up to down, Elarosa's Pokémon League, An island city with a peak and some cliffs, and the Frontier Islands featuring a Battle Island (a normal Battle Frontier Park) with a Resort Hotel, a Dungeon Island (It's meant to have mazes and be like Sinnoh's Survival Area) with a little underground town, and a Challenge Island (A city where you can put your mind to test, just a lot of puzzles and minigames including "Escaping the Room", "A Listening like Simon Says" and others) with a Casino. Please note, this map is just conceptual art, it's not a screenshot.

    The PokéBracer
    It's a new device designed specially for trainers. With a bracer shape, it's comfortable to use or even sleep with it. It works with holograms and includes a bunch of useful functions and updatable apps that can help the player throughout his adventure. This is a list of almost every function: (You'll have to earn many of them playing the game)

    The Live Caster app (Formerly known as Xtransceiver)

    The Pokédex app (Of course, with a new interface and more info on every Pokémon.)

    The Itemfinder app

    The ItemStorage app (Bag. It materializes items similar to the way a Pokéball works with Pokémon.)

    The Journal app (To save the game)

    The Settings app (Just settings, there's nothing more to it).

    The Town Map app

    The Calculator app

    The Party management app (Like the "Pokémon" menu section. You can also check the IV's and EV's of your Pokémon with it.)

    The Typechart app

    The Matchup Checker app (As in DPPt, to check breeding compatibility.)

    The Radio app(Just like the PokéGear)

    The Camera app (It's an alternative way of taking screenshots, but these ones are saved and you can see the pictures in-game.)

    And many others!

    The Pokémon Bracer is a total replacement of the Menu, and it's interface would be close to an iPhone/Android App display with the Date and hour in the upper part of the screen.

    Newly discovered element that works as a power source for many of the structures and devices in Elarosa, including the PokéBracer.

    Elarosa's Sky Guardian Legend
    It is said that once every 1000 years, the guardian of Elarosa descends from the sky and guides the Legitimate King of Elarosa to his throne, protecting him from the massive attacks of evil Pokémon.

    The Twin Suns Ritual
    This ceremony it's made to keep the evil away from Elarosa. It consists of a dance performance and the birth of a Quetic at the sun rise. People usually party the whole day. This it's done to honor the descending of the guardian of the legend.

    It's a Psychic/Flying Pokémon that looks like a Quetzal bird. It uses his psychic energy to heal people.


    Esklerios: Dragon/Dark. Legendary Pokémon.

    Vardenly: Electric/Grass. Legendary Pokémon.


    Silversnk - Spriter, Tiler, Mapper and Lead Designer
    Free Spot - Secondary Spriter
    Free Spot - Lead Scripter
    Free Spot - Scripter (This one is not strictly needed but will be really helpful)
    Free Spot - Secondary Mapper (This is not necessary for the moment)
    Free Spot - Dialogue Supervisor (I can't do the whole dialogues of the game, and it's useful to have someone to double check)
    Free Spot - Sound Engineer and/or Composer (This is not necessary for the moment)

    If you want to join, just PM me with the role you'd like to fill and proof that you can handle the work. Additional information like timezone, free days would be useful. Don't worry about me being too exigent because I'm not, this game is intented to be developed slowly.

    Questions & Answers

    I'll be updating this as you comment!

    Thanks for reading, I'm open to suggestions and every kind of support. By the way, English is not my main language, that's why I'm asking for a Dialogue supervisor so please, if I make any mistakes let me know.


    Kymotonian - Tiles
    Speed Dialga - Tiles
    Spacemotion - Tiles
    Pokemon-Diamond - Tiles
    Xous54 - Froakie sprite's original pose
    Alucus- Tiles
    EpicDay - Tiles
    Kizemaru-Kurunosuke - Tiles
    TyranitarDark - Tiles
    Thurpok - Tiles
    UltimoSpriter - Tiles
    Dewitty - Tiles
    Minorthreat0987 - Tiles
    Heavy-Metal-Lover - Tiles
    Kaitoooo - Tiles
    WesleyFG - Tiles
    BoOmxBiG - Tiles
    CrimsomTakai - Tiles
    Hek-el-grande - Tiles
    Thatssowitty - Tiles
    Newtiteuf - Tiles
    Aten974 - Tiles
    DarkDragonn - Tiles
    Alistair - Tiles
    Thunderdove - Tiles
    Calis Projects - Tiles
    Minorthreat0987 - Tiles
    Kingsnivy - Tiles
    Downlawride - Tiles
    874521 - Tiles
    NSora - Tiles
    zetavares852 - Tiles
    Poccil - Pokémon Essentials
    Flameguru - Pokémon Essentials
    Maruno - Pokémon Essentials
    Gamefreak - Obvious reasons
    The Pokémon Company - Same as above
    Nintendo - Same as above

    Please forgive my horrible english as it's not my primary language.
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