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    Hey there! Sorry for taking so long, I've been really busy with the university.
    I have to say I'm almost done with the prologue. I just need tiles for the cruise liner (the board part, like s.s. anne to be precise)

    4 screenshots of the fight area:

    Doors for the Center and Mart need to be fixed. Also, I'd like to know if you like the graphical style.

    First attempt at Quetic's sprite: (It's a WIP and probably the final result it's gonna look totally different but this is the idea/design)

    And new ideas:

    The Egg Project! I liked the idea of custom eggs so I plan on doing them for all Pokémon, maybe I should post it on Pixel Projects so anyone can colaborate. Can you guess which Pokémon are inside?

    A sidequest/sideplot called Island Quest. As the name suggest, you'll be visiting several islands in the world of Pokémon, but for now I'll name the ones already known (New Island, Shamouti Island, Pinkan Island, Navel Island, Sunburst Island, Ascorbia Island, Faraway Island and Pokémon Island -The one in Snap-)

    I think I'm being too ambitious here, and I probably use the idea for another game, but just wanted to share it.

    Anyway, that's all I have for now, I hope you like it and please leave a comment :)

    Please forgive my horrible english as it's not my primary language.
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