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    Name: Shea Felicius
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Little Rock, AR
    Mynh the lvl 8 Shaymin
    Mynh's Personality: Mynh is happy-go-lucky, smart, and a bit mischievious. In this sense, he's not like most other Shaymin, which are shy and careful.

    Mable the lvl 17 Mightyena
    Mable's Personality: Mable is extremely protective. Being a former mother, she treats Mynh and Zephyr as her children, and treats Shea with respect and obedience.

    Zephyr the lvl 9 Zorua
    Zephyr's Personality: Zephyr is quite shy, and is mainly dependant on the other two for protection. This was how he called Shadow to his den. When faced with a fallen friend and a potential foe, he gets very protective of his friend.

    Bio: Shea's life has been filled with things that would spoil a normal child, but Shea was different from most children. He always thanked anybody who deserved it, from his mother buying him a toy, to a bully beating him up. That being said, he didn't beg for more, nor did he let it slide. Nevertheless, Shea is a very good child, and when his father found a Shaymin egg at the front door, his parents finally planned Shea's adventure. Nobody knows how it got there, contrary to eggs in general, where everyone knows, but it's never been witnessed. (How it got there may or may not be uncovered in the RP.)

    So, after Shaymin hatched, he finally left home, and to his dismay, not everybody's as good as in his Little Rock school. Luckily, people still have some sense of charity, and to his Shaymin's joy, he's still a very grateful person. He hopes to go far, not aspiring to become a Champion - but he's open to the idea.


    Derr PC Family~

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