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    the problem with manaphy

    defense and attack have to be equal at lvl60+

    THE PROBLEM I AM HAVING WITH THIS IS JUST THAT getting the stats equal.i have spent several hours decreasing my phione's attack and increasing my phione's defense.

    so i start ev training defense...... at level 83 attack is 160 defense is 151 (AND I KNOW I ALREADY HAVE ALL 255 EVS IN DEFENSE) so because i have maxed my defense evs lets play around a bit

    imputs rare candy cheat code.......
    at level 100 my phione's attack would be 192 and my phione's defense would be 182

    I am frustrated and annoyed with the evolution terms listed in my spoiler box....
    because guess what MY PHIONE IS INCAPABLE OF EVOLVING!
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