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    Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
    Guys.. Im totally self taught >.< Havent had anyone help me at all in anyway! How many of you are self taught? Or do most of you have lessons etc?

    Skitty the only way to get better is to practice! Practice practice practice! Find songs that you like the sound of then just get a tab or something and learn it, never giving up! Learning and getting good at an instrument takes a lot of dedication.

    I'd play music with you if you asked, obvs not good enough
    I think I'm mostly self-taught on the string bass, though I do need to ask where my fingers go for certain places in 3rd position and the space between my fingers for them. Wish I could actually haul the school bass at home so I can practice, but it's too big for me to take on the bus, and a bit too fragile for me to be carrying it around the school too. :S Darned huge things.

    Originally Posted by SkittishHeart
    Ehehe. ^^' Maybe when I get more confidence, as well as loads of experience, and actually travel around the world, I can meet you guys! Kinda Farfetch'd, but it could happen. :3

    I also had no one to teach me the bass; no lessons and stuff, maybe that's why I fail as well. You play the bass in your band? I've never used a bass-only tuner, so I dunno how it looks like. Is it that different from a guitar?
    I don't know myself, because I usually have to have my director help me with the tuning. Actually, I don't know if we have one too... I guess a normal tuner would work okay with it if you're using the electric bass and the line for it... Might have to try it out someday. :0