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    Originally Posted by PokemonKnowItAllVanessa View Post

    I wearily looked up at the sliver of silvery moonlight that shimmered in the sky. In the distance, the light of dawn was starting to devour the darkness of night. A cool breeze brew, making the flowers of Floroma Meadow sway side to side around me. The cool of the night would end soon, and I had to get going.

    I stood up and stretched my leathery wings as I took one last glance at the meadow of flowers that was my home. I lumbered out of the meadow and into the shadowy forest. Roots and rocks jutted up from the depths of the earth and cast an eerie effect on the mysteriously quiet forest. The trees leaned over on both sides, making me feel like I was in a cage. I quited my footsteps and continued my walk through the thick forest.

    My reason for moving away was simple, the meadow was becoming ridden with humans trying to catch me. I have had some close calls, and I eventually got tired of it. I planned to go to one of the three islands where Mt. Ember was located oat. Which one? I do not know, but the presence and existance of this mountain was the one thing I did know. This forest was the only way through, and flying wasnt really an option. I wasnt going to risk being seen.

    This is where my journey started. My goal: to get to Mt. Ember, where I would be safer and happier than I was now. I, Vanessa, looked back one last time and took one last sniff of the aroma from Floroma Meadow, which was no longer my home.
    Wasn't Mt. Ember in Hoenn, or Johto? Floroma is in Sinnoh..Right?
    Other than that, I think it might be good, If it extended a bit more, I could have enjoyed it more =)
    Keep it up!

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