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@AdrianD : If you're looking for a competitive Forretress set, you can try this:

Forretress @ Leftovers / Shed Shell
Relaxed Nature [+Defense ; -Speed]
252 HP / 176 Defense / 80 Sp.Defense
0 Speed IVs
- Spikes
- Toxic Spikes
- Rapid Spin
- Gyro Ball / Volt Switch / Earthquake

Or there's a Specially Defensive spread. All the specs are the same, except you'll want a Sassy Nature [+Sp.Defense; -Speed] and 252 HP / 4 Defense / 252 Sp.Defense.

As PlatinumDude said, Pokemon like Magnezone and Scizor are also good partners, so let us know if you need any information! Good luck and join lots of our tournaments when you're ready! n_n

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