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    Originally Posted by freddy f1shf1nger View Post
    So, I was trying to insert just a single type into a rom but upon completion of step 1 I went to test the game and after the initial cutscreen at the beginning the game cuts to black.
    {The screen at which this happens is where the charizard should pop up}
    I was wondering what I might be doing wrong and/or if there is any way to fix this?
    I have a backup copy if I can't fix it - but I have tried doing this method in two Hex editors and it has failed both times.
    Whats the size of your rom? Look in a hex editor and go to the bottom. If it is not FFFFFF, then you accidently expanded your rom. When you paste the new data, you need to paste over the FF bytes, but what you're doing is inserting it in, changing the structure of the rom.

    If that's not the case, I'm not sure without more information.
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