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    Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
    The fact that RSE were Masudas favourite games makes me even more confident that he would wanna make a more special approach and refresh the "remake" concept, especially now when BW2 made past "third-versions" look lame by actually being new games.

    I don't see at all why they would want to stick to making remakes at this point anyway, when the oldest games are just as old as the first remakes lol.
    It would just look even more unprofessional/boring/uncreative than the previous 2 already did.
    I firmly believe that so much advancement has been made since RS has been released just the simple mechanical upgrade would change a lot in the remakes. But I do agree that a kinda new approach needs to be taken , so instead of just copy and paste remake, let's get an reimagining of RS it would relatively stay the same in basic plot but let's be able to add a crap load more. New charecters , new areas keep the same villains but change the plot in the way they do things. Give the gym leaders and eliet 4 some back story, give them side jobs. Give team aqua and team magma boss a much deeper reason why they are doing the things they are doing. Give the champion a bigger role. Give us a new rival , Make May just the alternative gender charecter. Or give her a different role, maybe she could be your Bianca with the pokemon weaker to yours.
    There is sooooo much they can do with these remakes. All I want is an awesome post STORY BASED game .