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Originally Posted by Eeveon View Post
Here's what I don't get about level scripts.
When u insert them, how A-Map and the script know where to start.

Like, if u want a level script to happen right when u come downstairs from ur bedroom, how will it know if the script will work at the staircase or at the front door? :\
I dunno, xD
I've tried to do that with Level scripts, but it'll only work if you use "setmaptile" scripts or "On entering map/not on menu close" or "Load handler to 0x03000F28"

But the scirpts I just mentioned, they can't use messages, applymovement, or anything that requires "Pointer to data to load". They are however very useful, and can check if a flag has been set, then do something else. These are some of the many compatible commands I've encountered.

checkflag (0x2B
clearflag (0x2A)
hidesprite (0x53)
movesprite2 (0x63)
showsprite (0x55)
setfarbyte (0x13)
setflag (0x29)
spriteface (0x5B)
writebytetooffset (0x11)