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    we countined walking to viridian city and saw a person in shorts and a tee on. jodi ask him "what you doing here. are you going to viridian too." the kid said "no. ilooking for a battle. how about it? you want to battle little girl?" jodi looked scared and said "no, i have no pkmn on me" the kid look angery and said "a person without any pkmn i a person without anything." then he push her. this got me mad. how could he do this to her. saying she has no pkmn and then push her. i told him. "i battle you. go eevee." eevee step forth in front of me to battle angery too. the kid look happy and grab his pokeball. "this isn't going to be a pidgy battle. go mankey. use karate chop." i saw the mankey move fast so i told eevee "use quick attack!!!"
    hey hey hey
    GO!!!!!!! CHARIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Classic Charizard!!!

    Chained:story of a hero come add a link to the chain (found in th RP section)