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    eevee created many alusion of it self. the mankey was looking for the real one. the kid said "attack the one in the middle with low kick!" the mankey slid and hit an alusion. it was off grade "eevee use quick attack." mankey didn't saw what happen and smash. it flew and hit a tree and fainted. the kid with look of surpise "what what i one of the most powerful in my ...... how can a kid like you and your little eevee beat us?!?!!? that eevee must be speaical!! you won't see the last of us!!" then in a flash of ligth the kid was gone! jodi was happy with me victory and said "wow the was so cool!! how you were able to beat that guy. but what was he talking about and where he went?" eevee jump into my hands and said "wweevv" in a happy way. i was gald to hear that my eevee is happy with this because i sure am. but that guy "that was a good one but tough. that guy must have been a nut or something"

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