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    A third individual appears from around a corner and recalls the Gyarados. This guy is about 5'11'', has long blue hair with spiked bangs that stick out above and below, and seems to be dressed oddly for a Pokemon Trainer. He wears what seems to be a white and blue uniform similar to ones that Jodi and Sean have seen on some Sci-Fi movies.

    "Actually, THEY are the ones that you want to be fighting, not me..." he says to Sean and Jodi, as he pulls out another Poke-Ball, holding it in his left hand. He stares back at the two thugs and chuckles. "So, what's Team Dark doing in a place like THIS??" he asks.

    The two thugs appear insulted at this remark, and the one that had the chair earlier steps up. "You don't need to know our business, outsider!!"

    "Ahh..." the uniformed individual says. "I don't? Actually, I was just here getting my Pokemon healed, I went to the restroom for 2 minutes, and I came back out here to find a battle happening right in the middle of the freaking Pokemon Center! I can NOT just let you fools do as you please!! Sooo.... I'm gonna help these Trainers stop you."

    The uniformed individual (whom I will refer to my character as until he gives his name.) holds up his right arm. "PD 002! Activate!" With that, his right sleeve falls to reveal what looks like a Poke-Dex attached to his arm.
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