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    The uniformed guy closes his right hand, and the device opens. "Ok Dex! What level are they on?"

    "Houndoom has a Level of 6, while Golduck seems to be hovering between 10 and 11. The Heracross seems to be between Level 5 and 6. The Eevee is the strongest one here, at Level 13." The PD 0.02 said in a scientific-sounding voice.

    Chezni gauges the surroundings, still clutching his Poke-Ball in his left hand. "Ok. There seems to be enough room for one more Pokemon. Alright Silfayree! Let's do this!!" he says as he launches the Poke-Ball.

    A silverish sprite-like creature emerges, which seems to stand barely one and a half feet tall. Its wings seem to resemble Celebi's and it has two red antennae lining its long pink hair. It also seems to be wielding some sort of wand in its right hand. "Sil! Sil!!" is all it says.

    The guy grins at the two hooligans. "You guys are in for it now! Silfayree! Use Silver Wind on Houndoom!!"

    Silfayree spins around in a sort of flashy dance and points the wand at Houndoom. Immediately a gust of wind hits the Pokemon, sending it into a wall. It struggles to get back to its feet, but coupled with the punishment from Heracross and Eevee, it is unable to and faints.

    The two thieves seem shocked at the display. The one that owns the Houndoom immediately goes to it and recalls it. "How do you have a Silfayree?! They're only found in the Zanta Region!!"

    The uniformed guy simply grins at the remark. "That is an established fact. I'm FROM the Zanta Region!"
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