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    this guy is crazy thinking that. how could i beat him. the Viridian gym leader is the touthest and figthing him now will be suicide. i look at eevee which was being healed at this moment and how it did that?

    remembering the gold arua that eevee fromed. it was able to counter and take down that golduck attack.

    eevee good but not that good but... the nurse came and said,"your eevee is ok and fine. it will be able to battle in no time."

    "thanks a lot." i said to the nurse. seeing that she was ok after what those team dark people had done.

    "Excuse me but i hread ,even it was a bit rude of me to but if you planning to figth the gym leader in this town that she going to be tougth. she just as tough as gray was maybe even tougher"

    in amazement jodi said,"she! i thougth the gym leader was a guy named gray. that guy lived rigth next to me all my life. what happen to him."

    the nurse replied," here your heracross. well gray left a month ago saying that he had a change of hreat. he was tried of the life of constand battling was he going to try to be a pokemon researcher just like his grandfather."

    "well thats cool" said jodi. "how about we get some sleep now and plan what we going to do in the mourning.

    "fine. i think." and me and eevee walk of to our rooms while chezni fell asleep on the couch. what should i do. battle the gym leader or go on. "weevvv" eevee said. "what eevee." i said back

    eevee said "weeveev weevvwee wevee." i had no idea what he said but i think he wants me to battle the gym leader. i said "do you want to battle the gym leader even thouht we my get our butts beat and sevred to us on a gold plate." eevee nodded. "then we are going to battle!!!"

    in the mourning me, eevee, jodi, and chezni were in front of the gym doors and then they open. the gym battle ground was cover in sand and the female gym leader was standing there and said "you have come to battle."

    i said "yes but i have only one pokemon" to the girl leader wearing the pink jump suit.

    she look surpirse and said "well i will battle with three ground-type pokemon but you can battle with one if you like but you will not win. go donphan. use rollout!"

    i send out eevee. "use double team
    hey hey hey
    GO!!!!!!! CHARIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Classic Charizard!!!

    Chained:story of a hero come add a link to the chain (found in th RP section)