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    Chezni looks at Jodi. "Don't worry..." he says. "He's going to win." Chezni constantly seems to be distracted about something. How indeed does he know so much for someone who supposedly just began his Pokemon journey?

    Or, is it that he's just hiding something... Even still, why doesn't he seem worried about this battle?? It's as if he's a hundred percent sure how it will turn out... These are thoughts that are going through Jodi and Sean's minds.

    As these thoughts are exchanged, Eevee is hit hard by the Rollout Attack. Despite this, it gets up with little difficulty. Immediately, it shoots forward in a similar fashion to before. The Red Headed Gym leader seems unprepared for the sudden burst of speed. Donphan is thrust out of the battlefield.

    "Ring Out!" the Referee says. "Donphan is unable to battle!"

    Chezni gives a slight nod. Jodi seems to be worried as well. "Wait a second... I thought that these Pokemon were on a much higher level..."

    Chezni looks back at her. "Levels aren't necessarily everything... And remember... Sometimes, the actual Level of a Pokemon can remain hidden from the eyes of even a PD2..."

    He points his arm at Eevee. "It is as I thought... Eevee will win this battle without any difficulty... You see, though the Gym Leader has Pokemon that are on Level 60, Eevee... is now at Level 400... It's already far stronger than most Pokemon ever get... In fact, only a Legendary Pokemon could stand up to such a level..."

    Jodi doesn't seem to believe Chezni, but the numbers on the PD2 don't lie. A PokeDex is NEVER wrong about a power display. It read 408 for Eevee. "How on Earth..."

    Chezni responded. "Just watch. Watch what happens."

    The Leader recalls Donphan. "Chezni!" she says. "It appears that you are right about this one!"

    Chezni nods at the remark. "I think it will be OK to test this Pokemon."

    The Leader pulls out another Poke-Ball. "Sean! Let me make it clear to you now. The Earth Badge is yours, no matter what happens from here on out. There is no way that the Viridian Gym Pokemon can defeat you. At least, not against Eevee there... However, I want to see how strong it really is..." With that, she throws another Poke-Ball.

    Despite being a Rock Trainer, it is a white Pikachu that emerges. Its normally brown stripes are black instead and the red circles on its cheeks seem to glow with a strange energy. It looks back at the girl with a hint of irritation.

    "Sorry," she says. "I only put you in there to transfer you. He'll come in person to pick you up in the morning."

    Chezni chuckles a bit. "You ACTUALLY convinced Him to lend you his Pikachu, huh Rui?"

    The girl responds. "With what's getting ready to happen, of course he's more than willing..."

    Sean pulls out his PokeDex. After a few beeps it comes up with a reading. "There is no information on this Pokemon." Sean looks back in concern.

    Chezni walks up to him. "Don't worry. Eevee is going to be fine. But this battle might be long."

    With that, the battle starts.
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