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    Credit to Cirrus for the Banner.

    Name: Fiora Amarel

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Fiora's personality is something to be marveled, she is constantly dancing on the fine line between sanity and insanity. Never fully there, although not quite lost enough to be considered insane. When one first meets Fiora they see an out doorsy type of girl and a girl who loves to laugh. She's out to make the world smile, so she's always seen with an optimistic attitude. Fiora will always find the silliest reason to laugh or find something to be happy about, this is not saying she's childish. No, Fiora is not childish, although quirky by nature she has the ability to be a serious character, so don't discredit her immediately and think of her as a ditz just because she's the type that is extremely optimistic, Fiora does in fact take her job as a mercenary for the Helven Empire quite seriously. Fiora originally started being an incurable optomist when she realized just how sad of a place the world was, so in an attempt to brighten everyone's day just a little bit she took on the persona of an optimistic girl, aiming to make people laugh and smile and forget their troubles, even if it's just for a little while.

    Although her intentions to be optomistic started well enough, excessive, unmentored Mindcraft practicing has in fact distorted and twisted her personality and psyche. Fiora is a very disturbed person when it comes down to it, not because she wants to be but because this is what her magic does to her. Too many backfired Clairsentience castings have cause Fiora to grow increasingly unstable, not to the point where she'd ever harm anyone but to the point where she's one step away from completely losing herself to her own insanity. Although one would never guess looking at her normally that she is so twisted. Normally she's a sweet, innocent and naive girl but when death is involved this instability manifests through her own dark musings. Fiora does in fact hold a morbid fascination for anything grotesque or macabre in nature, which shows a complete lack of any type of empathy, although it isn't just death that brings out these dark and often disturbing musings, casting Clairsentience can manifest this side of her personality as well. Clairsentience has also caused her to disassociate herself from human morals as well, her sense of right and wrong is completely different from most humans, and because of the mental toll her Mindcraft specialization takes on her psyche she rarely performs these spells, preferring to use long ranged weaponry instead.

    Fiora also doesn't like to brag about her intermediate specialization in Mindcraft, preferring to keep it a secret from her companions, not that's she's ashamed of it, but she fears people might be afraid of her if they found out about her specialization, and that's something she does not want at all. Fiora may be disturbed on many levels but she still enjoys companionship and if anyone ever knew just how disturbed she was, she fears that may leave her alone in the long run, although Fiora does realize that if she ever truly lost her mind then she would want to be alone, because she would fear hurting anyone she is close with.

    Appearance: Fiora body frame is small, even for someone that's in their early 20's. She stands about 5"1 and weighs in at probably less than 110 pounds, don't let her dainty body frame fool you though, she's built for long-range weaponry, and in fact she often uses her small body figure to her advantage. Her body is built for stealth and dexterity, or at least that's how she was trained to use her body anyway.

    Clothing wise, Fiora doesn't like to overdo it, practicality over aesthetics. She keeps her light brown hair pulled back into two long neatly done ponytails, with her bangs falling into her face nearly covering her two light brown-colored eyes which compliment her lightly tanned skin (a result from training outside so much) nicely. Her clothing is meant for easy travel, while still managing to be practical for battle. A red-colored dress hand-made by her mother when Fiora decided to take up long ranged weaponry. In an attempt to accessorize, Fiora has made it much more than a simple dress, she's adorned it with many small and probably impractical accessories, the largest being a belt that hangs loosely on the dress with a large golden accessory meant to be the buckle. The dress itself is adorned with many sown on ribbons, and although they may not be the best for combat, Fiora considers them fashionable, or a sad attempt to cover up holes in the fabric that have resulted from normal wear and tear. On her arms, two brown archer gloves to protect her small hands from any injury that might result when she uses her Longbow.

    Under the dress is a pair of thin white paints, only worn because she hates wandering around the wilderness in anything else, and for shoes a pair of leatherskin boots, used for stealth, although they aren't the most durable when it comes to wandering in the wilderness for long periods of time, Fiora has had them patched in several places because of wear and tear damage.

    Born to a small but well-off family in Histria, Fiora had an ordinary childhood, so much so that she looks back on it and thinks it was mundane. Her mother was a seamstress, and her father one of the many arcane researchers.

    Fiora looks back on her childhood as being boring, but no one can dispute that her childhood was a happy one. What Fiora probably remembers the most about her childhood was the fresh, clean air of Histria and how there was always such an abundance of beautiful flora in the area. She was a happy child whose only care was keeping her room clean and keeping up with her training lessons.

    So how did this happy girl go from having a stable home life and a loving home to bordering on the brink of madness?

    That story starts at age 11, when their family picked up and moved from Histria to Naranum to begin her training as an arcanist; after the hundred-and-first incident of accidental arson, her father promptly declared that his tutoring was not enough - Fiora needed proper training in arcana so that she wouldn't inadvertently set the house on fire.

    Her training in arcana was short-lived; she learned the basics for it, but soon found herself displeased with the idea of arcana in general, and asked her father if there were other forms of magic to be learned. She considered gaining experience in miracles, but the idea of becoming a devotee to any one divine didn't suit her; hesitantly her father told her of mindcraft and how powerful it was, but also of its nature as an extremely dangerous art, with many manifesters descending into insanity.

    Initially the idea of mindcraft scared her – she didn't want to learn any type of magic that could cause her to lose her sanity but as she grew older it grew more evident that she wasn't cut out for arcane magic. It's not that she was bad at it; she just felt the effects were a little lackluster, and she wanted to grasp something more powerful.

    In her fifteenth year, Fiora began dabbling in the art of mindcraft secretly, afraid of what her father might do if her found out she was studying this dangerous type of magic. Unfortunately for her, attempting to juggle her arcane studies while simultaneously studying mindcraft had a series of horrible consequences; eventually, she was expelled from the institute that she was attending, much to her father's dismay. She was scolded and told she needed to work harder; angry with her father she began to isolate herself and continued to practice mindcraft in secret. Her parents found out about her studies and ordered her to cease, a request which she stubbornly refused.

    Without proper training, however, mindcraft is very harmful to its wielder; often, powers would partially or completely backfire on her, forever twisting her personality and damaging her psyche. Her mind was irreparably damaged with each and every foray into the secrets that mindcraft held, and soon Fiora could not ignore that the art she had dabbled in was harming her, even if she did not want to acknowledge it. In an effort to preserve her sanity, she ceased her studies for a time and began to take up archery; making excuses that she wished to travel the world, she left home two years later, unsatisfied with her lack of freedom and unwilling to give up mindcraft despite her damaged psyche.

    Legend: Arianne, Exalted Muse

    Strength - 12
    Dexterity - 15
    Constitution - 10
    Intelligence -15
    Wisdom - 8
    Charisma - 16


    --> Intermediate Mindcraft
    -----> Clairsentience
    -----> Metacreativity

    ->Intermediate Ranged Weapons Mastery
    ---> Longbow

    Roleplay Sample:
    Haruki looked at the man almost pleadingly, they couldn’t have the women travel while she was bleeding, and more importantly it would cause her pain. Haruki didn’t want the women to be in pain, so she pleaded with the man.

    The man glanced at her brother and the women soundlessly and then approached her brother, “Kid,” he commanded Haruko, “stay here.” Haruko nodded and turned to the women who had absently pulled down the dress to see the extent of the damage; several of the stiches had ripped and were now causing a crimson liquid to run down her chest. Haruki also noticed this was the first time she had heard the scary man’s voice which wasn’t actually all that scary. It was deep and imposing, sure, but Haruki also thought it had a sincere gentleness to it. Maybe he wasn’t actually all that scary? Maybe he was actually really nice and kind, like a gentle giant?

    The man turned to her and took her hand and walked out of the alleyway to the entrance with her, he then pointed to a red box hanging on the wall on the inside of the hospital, “You see that right there?” Haruki nodded, “That’s where they keep medkits and potions.” The little red box was too high for Haruki to reach.

    “I need you to distract the nurse while I fetch that. After that, we walk out back to your brother and heal the girl. Got it?” He asked her, she nodded.

    “I can distract, leave it to me!” Her tail wagged with enthusiasm and she flashed a reliable grin. The automated glass doors opened. Haruki entered first while the man barrel-rolled to the side keeping out of sight. Haruki approached the nurse, tugged on her dress and smiled.

    “Nurse lady~” She smiled, the women gave a smile back and asked her what she wanted, “Wanna all the funny face I can make?”

    The women sjirachied a bit and sighed, “Sure, kid, what do you have?”

    She put her hands to her face and started making a gesture of random faces, ranging from a “fish face” to a “cat face”. There nurse chuckled at the small child’s efforts. Anyone had to admit that Haruki was very cute and her charms could not be resisted.

    “And this is my dinosaur face! Raaaaaaaaarggggghhhh!” She said turning her hands into “claws”. The nurse gave a genuine laugh and pats the girl on the head.

    “My, my, aren’t you just the cutest little thing!” The nurse said, Haruki’s tail wagged at the compliment, this is when Haruki noticed Slash tapping on the window outside signaling he had got the supplies.

    “Those were my faces, now I must be going! Bye~!” She exclaimed, rushing out the glass door, leaving the confused nurse all alone.


    Haruko watched his sister follow the man to get supplies, he grit his teeth in anger, "Damn it, Haruki. Always so trusting of people," He muttered darkly, to which he turned a bit, compromising by offering up a side profile of himself to the female. His eyes were filled with an indescribable feeling, a mixture of anger and frustration for his older twin. It was easy to say Haruko acted completely different with the absence of Haruki, he acted less cynical when his sister was around because she reminded him that the world was not all bad and not all filled with disgusting people.

    Haruko examined the girl, she was in her own thoughts of sorts, caught up in what appeared to be a memory. Haruko couldn’t tell if it was good or bad all he could say was, “Hey, stay with me now! Don’t leave me here alone while you go to lalaland,” but she didn’t seem to hear him. After a few moments crystal tears started flooding from the girls eyes which caught Haruko off guard. He didn’t know what to say, so he merely stood there eyeing her silently.

    "I never understood what I possibly could've done to make him hate me so damn much." She whispered. Haruko was surprised at the tone of her voice. It was filled with a mixture of sadness, frustration and just exhaustion. Haruko remembered the time Haruki had used this tone, and he never wanted to hear her use it again, because to him, when she was sad, it seemed that the whole world was sad.

    He could remember her voice that sounded so broken and he soon felt his eyes frosting over, tears threatening to fall from his eyes, "Bad things too often happen to good people. My mother had us young and raised me and Haruki to the best of her ability, but in the end, she received nothing for her selflessness. Instead she was slaughtered by a mindless beast... A monster," Haruko said this with a malice that he had not intended to; in fact he had not intended to speak of his mother at all. The wound of watching his mother be mercilessly slaughtered by the likes of a mindless beast was still very fresh.

    "I'm sorry...” She murmured, "I kind of wish now that I had shared her fate. I know nothing about being a Human! I barely even knew how to function as a Pokémon. How in the hell am I going to survive out on the streets?!”

    Haruko took notice of the anxiety in her voice, sighed, and then placed his hand on her shoulder, "Take it one day at a time," were his kind words, the girl was about to respond when a chipper voice rang out

    “Haruko! Big lady! WE’RE BACK!” Haruki said in triumph running as fast as she could, the man behind her kept up with her by simply walking briskly. Haruki ran to Haruko and glomped him with all her might; he had to use all his might to stay on balance, “I was a good distraction, yes I was~ the lady did not even notice Mr. Scary man getting the supplies~”

    Haruko’s face softened and he pat his sister on his head, “Because you’re just made up of concentrated cuteness, Haruki-chan,” Haruko smiled at his sister and hugged her tighter.

    After the women’s wounds were treated the man turned to the group and asked a simple yet obvious question, “Are you… are you Pokémon too?” He asked in dismay, the twins looked at him silently.

    "Yes." The women responded boldly, affirming her response as absolute truth by making eye contact, she then turned to Haruki, “Believe it or not, I didn’t used to be this big!” She winked at Haruki who looked at her curiously.

    “Reaaaaalllly?” She said, her voice filled with utter awe.

    "I'm Venomous, and I used to be an Umbreon," She offered, this made the twins freeze and their faces to pale. Haruki buried her face in her brother’s chest for a moment. Haruko pat his sister on the head, trying to assuage her fears.

    “Shhh, Haruki, I’m sure not all of them are that way,” Haruko said soothingly, “I am Haruko, and she is Haruki, we were once both Eevee’s,” Haruko offered still holding his sister whose face was still buried in his chest, “A pleasure to finally learn your name, Miss, what about you Mister? What’s your name?” Haruko offered calmly, the possibility that they were all traveling together would be high and Haruko worried how Haruki would take to traveling with a person who was once an Umbreon.

    Haruko’s eyes shifted to Venomous, he mouthed a short apology for his sister’s behavior to her, no more, no less.

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