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"That is awesome." Spark was holding one of the bags, rummaging through the contents. She found a pair of gloves, "Look what I found!" They were green gloves, torn from overuse. Why don't you put the wire in you pocket in it, just run it through the fingers and coil it around the palm. The motherly voice explained, Spark did so stopping completely and yelling "Wait a minute." and sitting down concentrating she did exactly as was instructed. It was easy because there were already rips in the gloves. Next take your knife and cut just above where you put the wire so there are thin incisions above it, lastly make sure a small part of the wire is touching your skin. Spark did so, having no problems. She did another with the other glove, after she was done she slipped them both on, to her they looked cool and decided to keep them on.

She went up to Aria, "Look at my new gloves! The kind voice told me how to do it!" Spark glowed at her accomplishments. She didn't realize the real reason for the wire in the gloves and assumed that it was just decorative. She looked through the bag some more, looking for more things of interest. She ended up finding a small stick with a glass on the end. When she twisted the glass end off she found two cylindrical objects. She took them both out and held them between her thumb and pointer of her gloves. She put them back in the way she found them and screwed the top back on.

She pressed the button on the side and it became to glow! She pointed the light all over the path, at flowers, trees, and Aria. "Aw how cool is this!" After a few minutes the light died, saddening Spark. She slipped it in the bag.
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