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    Well, I really don't mind as how this is handled. I'm most likely just going to stay by the side lines and help the development progress forwards.

    However, here was what I had in mind when you mentioned "leaders":

    First off, there would be a main leader, the one who controls how the project be executed. This guy would have to keep an eye on how the project would be doing at all times. then, we have a group of people who are in charge of adding in the content, aka the programmers. The programmers should each have a particular job, mostly something they are good at, like the scripter or the one who adds in content. This small group would pass the game around among themselves, with the main leader being able to see the progress and keep them in line.

    Then we have the class leaders, the ones who control a certain "class". These guys would first make some sort of post that gathered up ideas that pertained to their class, then afterwards put up a voting system that anyone can vote in. The class leader would then present what they deemed noteworthy and important from the votes to the programmers to add in.

    And of course we need some sort of way to keep track of all thats been approved and in the queue of adding, which i think the leader whould be in charge of.

    Doing it this way allows almost everyone to be able to participate and add in only the most popular content, without making the community feel like the project has a strict judgment on content, since its more of a popular vote thing. Doing it the pass-it-around way is far longer and many ranges of content is added, leaving the game more like a random garbled mess.
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