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Name: Tulip
age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Tulip is flirtatious, Outgoing, Passionate, Energetic, sometimes a little lustful and "touchy". She's a little boy crazy and is a total sweetheart who just wants to make friends.Sometimes shes a little too energetic and will make decisions without thinking them through. However she will get manipulative and snarky if she is upset. She loves bad boys and Tsundere guys who are strong and pretty manly.


Hybrid Trainer typing: Fairy & Grass
Hybrid Trainer Ability: Cute Charm & Fairy Aura
Hybrid Trainer Moveset: Light of Ruin, Moonblast, Solarbeam, Giga Drain
Pokemon team:

Attack execution:

Moonblast- Says, "Selene lend me your power!" , then makes swirls with her pointer finger collecting the moons energy then fires a blast of moon energy
Solarbeam- She places her finger tips twords the sky until they starting glowing then like lazers of light she shoots them out of her fingers.
Giga Drain- Says, "I-im no match for you... my attraction for you is just....its just too strong!" , she then uses her cute charm to attract the foe, then walks to them and kisses them seemingly passionately but slowly she sucks the energy and life out of the foe, and finishing saying "Goodnight Sugar."
Attract- Tulip creates glowing, pink arrows & shoots them at the opponent. If they make contact, the opponent falls head over heels in love with Tulip.
She also has a Magic wand that looks like a rose. The petals open to reveal an amazing, and beautiful stone, she has no idea what it does though.