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My very first character was male, and my second character was female.

There really isn't a difference when writing different genders. Personalities aren't at all restricted to one gender, so I don't understand when people say one is harder to write or that they wouldn't know how to write the other gender.

I never understand why people find writing as a different gender so hard. Personality and gender have never been linked and never will be linked outside of stereotypes and cliches. I am equally comfortable writing as a male or female character, it is the personality of that character that makes them easier/more difficult to RP as for me.

For example, the character I find hardest to write is my Titans character who is male. He's a early fun character but his personality is very different that the characters I used to play. If I were to have created an arrogant female with a superiority complex I would undoubtedly have found her easier to play (although perhaps not as fun).