Cuddling those close to me
Seen March 4th, 2018
Posted March 2nd, 2018
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ugh I'm just gonna [Vote] Melody for the reasons above.

Melody, if you are town, please prove it. Make it really convincing please!
I already proved I'm town. You investigated me. By not investigating Purple, you missed her. Even though there is a godfather who you know can't be seen as scum, any player investigated should be at least half safe.

Purple's only assertion to reason seems to be activity, which as we all know is horse manure. To be honest I have checked in daily with good regularity; DESPITE being quite busy IRL the past few days. As for offering reads; everyone knows I keep my mouth shut until I see something I'm certain of. My Null reads and poor low confidence townleans do not aid the town much. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, especially when you're a favorite target for mafia to throw under the bus regardless of your role; which I am.

Mafia love to point out how quiet I am to push a lynch on me. Wiser players know this and display appropriate caution before scumreading me on activity based claims.

TL;DR: My activity is very dynamic and variable, as is my participation. Its not a sufficient reason to suspect me as it is a favorite cry of mafia when trying to push lynches upon me.

Even Rabinov told you not to vote me yesterday. He flipped town.