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Chapter 7
Unwanted Changes

Jaron giggled as he read over the letter he and Ciecro had made for Miss Dresha’s birthday tomorrow. He slid the letter back in the neatly designed envelope and placed in into his desk’s drawer. Jaron then looked at the mirror on his desk and thought about the words he and Ciecro mulled over last night. He thought about the truth in the words. How he and Ciecro didn’t want to believe Seliph really did go or even would come back and be with them again. She helped them cope and not become bitter as they grew into the mons they are now.

Jaron chuckled a little at how the little totodile he once was, is now a fifteen year old Croconaw working for the Perion Town Local Ranger with his charmeleon brother. He looked at the papers on his desk and sighed. Miss Dresha got them into looking for something to do and despite this jobs cons it really wasn’t that bad. He was respected by his co-workers, despite being the youngest. Tomorrow, he would make that day very special for her.

Jaron finally decided to get back to working on the papers. He hadn’t gone for five minutes till the two entry doors slammed open. In walked a charmeleon dragging a fainted bunnelbee.

“Another one?” Jaron asked, not even glancing away from his focus on work.

“Yep, dis garbage is the one that broke into that orb shop nearby.” Ciecro grumbled, throwing the mon on a desk nearby, scaring the workers all around it. As the bunnelby was dealt with Ciecro leaned his back against the wall behind Jaron.

“So, you got the stuff set?” He asked in a whisper.

“Yeah, I did,” Jaron said out loud.

“Dude.” Ciecro shushed him, “I told you, this is between us. I don’t want any of dese losers thinking something silly about me.”

“It’s not that big of a deal.” Jaron chuckled looking at his scowling older brother, “Besides Ciecro, you don’t always hide the nice-guy you are inside well. I mean, isn't it clear, by all you do?”

“Can it shrimp! I need tah keep up my rep,” Ciecro snapped.

“Honestly Ciecro.” A voice came from an absol to their left, “It’s not bad to actually not be intimidating all the time. Besides, I and Jaron obviously can see through your little …… maturing.”

“Don’t flatter yah head Jasmine,” Ciecro replied, turning his head to face the female absol, “Your little psycho wording doesn’t mean s*** tah me.”

“By that he means he doesn’t understand,” Jaron interjected with a tease. Ciecro gave him a growl.

Jasmine walked over to the two and with a smirk told Ciecro, “You know what you need Ciecro.”

“A brain?” Jaron interrupted again also earning a louder growl from Ciecro.

The charmeleon crossed his arms and looked away with his closed eyes. “Your a stupid runt, Jaron.”

“He’s not all wrong.” Jasmine teased.

Ciecro gave a small spat and walked off saying as he went, “I have better things tah do than listen to yawls' teasing. Just make sure you're ready for tonight, Jaron.”

After Ciecro had gone, Jaron let out a sigh. Jasmine inquired what was wrong to which Jaron replied, “Ciecro’s just well, feels distant. I know he cares about us, but he’s well not very open about it much anymore. It would be nice to get a smile from him just to see me once in a while.”

“Well maybe he just needs someone to show him how lucky he is.” Jasmine mentioned.

“Please, no one in their sanity would want to try and burn their hand in that fire. Besides, he doesn’t like being pestered anyway so-” Jaron dismissed till Jasmine interrupted.

“Well, if there is such a person for him I hope that person finds him and isn’t appalled by the mere first impression.” The two looked at each other and giggled. “Honestly Jaron I still find it hard to believe the stuff you told me about when you and Ciecro were kids.”

“Like when I said he used to roar like a frightened litleo girl.” Jaron chuckled softly.

“Or like when you told me how you splashed water in his face, and he shrieked like he had been stabbed and ran into a clove of trees nearby.” She added, trying not to giggle.

“He still does if you splash water on his tail.” Jaron added.

They tried not to laugh and keep their composure. But the silly image of present Ciecro being freaked out by water on his tail was too much for the two. They almost fell over laughing at the thought.

“Your brother tries to act so tough, but he sometimes is such a little kid.” Jasmine stuttered catching her breathe.

“Sometimes!” Jaron smiled, “Just yesterday he was getting seeds for our aunt he was about to pick a seed up when the store owner yelled don’t touch that, it’s a blast seed! and do you know what he said?”

“What?” Jasmine curiously asked.

“He said, 'Buzz off, I was told to get seeds and this I reckon this is a seed He picked it up and it blew right in his face leaving a mix of shock and black powder on it.' That sight along was priceless.”

“You mean he seriously touched a blast seed thinking it was a just any other seed.” Jasmine laughed in disbelief.

“You think he could tell, what with the sign in front that said DANGER BLAST SEEDS, ASK STORE MANAGER FOR INSTRUCTIONS FOR HANDLING BEFORE TOUCHING.” They both laughed hysterically.

“I don’t think anyone could be as stupid as Ciecro.” Jaron laughed.

“What about Vragon?” Jasmine giggled.

“He isn’t stupid!” Jaron protested. Then giggled a little as he added, “He just is too complicated. Like when at the library this dedenne was wanting to check out a book. Well Vragon wouldn’t let him because the book was for adolescents, and he thought the kid was too young to read it without asking his parents first.”

“Just to find out that kid was a thirty year old dedenne.” Jasmine finished while laughed.

“He said he was never so embarrassed in his life. In fact for a week he browsed through the town’s log, just to try memorize the townsmon’s ages.”

It took them five minutes to stop laughing at this. Finally they regained their sanity. Suddenly Jasmine recalled something, snapping her out of her laughter.

“Oh speaking of Vragon,” Jasmine said “He was here looking for you earlier.”

“Why, does he want me to try explaining it to him again that the phrase, 'It’s as plain as a nose on your face' is a metaphor for stating the obvious. Not a derogatory phrase for Mon’s without visible noses?” Jaron teased.

“No, though I know right. Such an over thinker, who doesn’t know the meaning of the word local color. He literally gave me such a surprised look when I said, 'Smell you later.'” Jasmine sighed trying not to laugh again, “But anyways he wanted you to meet him at his place after your shift. He thinks he might have found something else and wants to show you.”

“I’ll head there soon.” Jaron said with a nod. Jasmine went back outside, as Jaron internally laughed at all the things they talked about.

The town’s wooden clock tower rang three as Jaron walked out of the building. He looked up at the clear sky with a smile.

“I wonder what he’s found this time.” Jaron thought, beginning his way to Vragon’s residing, “I do hope this one does have a lead. I really hate it when he feels so close, only for some ‘new variable’ as he puts it, to come in and ruin it.”

Jaron passed from the eastern side of town and looked at the tree that housed Vragon’s one roomed home. As he continued he thought about meeting Vragon five years ago. How he was the one that found Vragon as an axew in the forest along with Ciecro. The reaction when Vragon finally awoke along with the truth of Vragon not knowing anything of his past. To think he would meet his best friend out of pure randomness.

By the time he finished this internal dialogue, he was at the trees base. He shouted up to the wooden treehouse.

“Hey Vragon, Jasmine said you wanted to see me about something.” He was met with only silence.

“Ugh, not again.” Sighed Jaron, “I swear, not even ten Metal Sound moves, would reach his ears when he’s reading”. He grumbled as he headed to the rope ladder. As he was climbing up, he would occasionally try calling again, but each time still meeting silence.

When Jaron reached the top he spied , Vragon, sitting in his wooden chair completely with the book he was reading. The dragon types topaz eyes moving left to right over and over again. His arms, top of his head and back were a solid black while his face, back spike and mid chest were white. His lower torso and legs were grey like every other fraxure, however his tusks were smaller and pointed close to his cheeks rather than straight out.

Jaron was about to get his attention, but stopped when an idea crossed his mind. He smiled darkly as he crept up behind the unsuspecting fraxure. Once behind him, Jaron grabbed Vragon’s shoulders and in a loud low voice Growled. “granbull!”

Vragon’s book was sent to ceiling as the poor Mon screamed and jumped into a nearby pile of books and notes.

“Sucka.” Jaron teased, snapping his fingers with a smirk of satisfaction. Vragon’s head popped out of his mountain of books to spy Jaron giggling at the reaction.

“Arceus, Jaron!” Vragon yelled, getting to his feet. “I about threw my book out the window again, and besides I’m not scared of any silly looking granbull.”

“Sure you aren’t.” Jaron teased.

“Well I am not Jaron!” Vragon snapped, “And why in the Creation Trio's Name! Did you do that?”

“Yeah,” Jaron laughed, “I just wanted to get your attention.”

“You liar!” Vragon slithered, “You could have easily just said 'hello' or possibly 'beg your pardon' instead of being goofy.”

“Mine was more fun.” Jaron defended with a grin.

“You Jerk.” said Vragon angrily, “Out of all the inconsiderate, rude, stupid nimrods that I have known. You Jaron! Are the most-”

“Anyhoo,” interrupted Jaron, quickly changing the subject before Vragon’s words got nasty, “Jasmine told me you found something interesting.”

In a mere second, Vragon’s attitude changed from great anger and displeasure to upbeat interest and excitement.

“Oh yeah,” he muttered as he moved papers and books to find what he wanted to show his friend.

“Here this is the one.” he proudly exclaimed, picking up a dusty old book. He blew on it to get some of the dust off, right in front of Jaron’s face, causing a rapid amount of loud sneezes.

“Sorry I didn’t see you there.” Vragon apologized sarcastically.

“Now whose lying.” Jaron protested back rubbing his now itchy snout.

“Don’t be sore Jaron.” Vragon laughed with vengeance, “You had that coming and not just for today.”

“Ugh” Jaron sighed, “Are you still mad about me hiding that ‘torn up book of yours’?”

“Firstly!” Vragon scolded harshly, “That 'Torn Up book of mine' is a rare first edition of a collection of many theories and speculations on the topics of 'Real and Reverse world distortions'. And secondly, you didn’t just hide that Book, making me frantically search for it all around town for two whole days! You had the gall and audacity, to return it to me on the third day saying, 'Oh I found this in your pile of books. Were you looking for it?'”

“I promised I wouldn’t do that again.” Jaron grumbled.

“After,” Vragon yelled, “you did it a second time but with my Cultural traditions of Hohann!”

“Who cares to read about some place where Ho-oh’s rule as shoguns?” Jaron sighed, growing bored of the conversation.

“I do!!!!!” Vragon yelled, Loud enough to make Jaron cover his ears.

“Okay, okay.” Jaron apologized, “I understand,….Pfft, that you’re obsessed with your books, I get it.” Jaron giggled.

Vragon was so angry at this joke, that he began walking slowly to Jaron. His claws giving the impression of a future strangling.

Trying to divert the topic, Jaron reminded Vragon about why he asked him to come. Vragon sighed, cooling his emotions down. He set the old book on his desk and explained.

“This book here is a collection of monarchy traditions of many countries and kingdoms.”

“So what is it you found?” Jaron asked getting a bit curious.

“This is what I found.” Vragon exclaimed boastfully as he opened the book and turned to a page with beautiful embroideries and detailed illustrations.

“Take a look at this picture” he said pointing to a picture of the symbol Truth and Ideals intertwine.

“So,” The curious yet clueless tododile theorized, “This is a finding because it’s the same color as you?”

“If it was that simplistic of a connection I could say any black ink on white paper would be a finding.” Vragon bluntly put it, planting his palm into his face.

“At least you would have more to go on.” Jaron joked.

The middle evolution dragon growled in annoyance at this, but collected his thoughts and explained to Jaron his reasoning.

“My pendent that I was holding on the day you and Ciecro found me is the exact same symbol and design as this picture.”

“Neat, your pendant is on a page of a dusty book.” Jaron murmured a little disappointed.

“It’s not just the matching you dolt!” stated an agitated Vragon, “The text below the illustration says that this design was and still is used in the kingdoms of Zekrious and Reshama, but they both only used their respective color side of the pendant parts.”

“So you think that could be a lead?” Jaron asked.

“Unfortunately it probably is not.” Vragon confessed with a frown, “It also stipulates that whenever royals of either kingdom pledged mate hood to one of the other kingdoms royals. The crests were then joined to commemorate this union of truth and ideals. Of course only royals wore the crests as pendants and only the legendary species Zekrom and Reshiram were royals in those countries respectfully.”

“So,” Jaron asked, rubbing his head trying to understand, “How the heck did you get this pendant? I’m mean it looks like it wasn’t made too long ago. And it’s not like a Zekrom nor a Reshiram can together have a Fraxure, like you, as offspring. I mean, you’ve told me that legends can only produce legends, no matter the partner, right? So why do you have that pendant?”

“I wonder about that a lot. I mean, biologically yes, legends couldn't have me, but you have to admit me being a breed of black and white fraxure is a bit coincidental. I mean, sure fraxure's like me exist in the world, but you never see them here in Triacal. Winthrobax maybe, but that's pretty far away, not to mention the fact I can't remember how I got near this town. So yeah, biologically it doesn't make sense yet I have this.” Vragon imparted, “Course, the only other possibilities out there would be;

A) I was given it, but the Royals only gave these to spouses and I assume I’m not at the age of mate hood in that country,
B) I stole it which I hope I didn’t, but still is plausible, or
C) I found it somewhere.

But even if it’s one of these three I still have no recollection of my life before being found five years ago.”

“And you’d think that the owner would know its missing by now if he’s still alive.” Jaron added.

“Not just that,” Vragon ranted, “but look at this map.” Vragon pulled out a dusty map he had been given.

“Were here in the silky plains region of the continent Triacal. We’re near but still a ways from Triacal’s eastern coast.”

“And where are these two kingdoms you speak of?” Jaoron inquired.

Vragon moved his claw to the far end of the continent Vestruben.

“You’re kidding. That’s how much space we are from those places!” Jaron stated in disbelief at the distance.

“I know, and this is just a map of our continent, Winthrobax, the Primordial Islands and Vestruben. By using the measures from the map’s scales, I have narrowed the distance, with straight line from us to it, a little over two thousand miles, excluding the six hundred more across each continent's body of water combined to even reach Reshama’s borders.”

“But that means there is at least a possibility, right?” Jaron encouraged.

This fact didn't cheer the Dragon Type up.

“Even if it is probable I still have an Averian Crest, so there’s that to consider. Just when a piece comes into play ten more holes pop up. It’s like when I begin to think of a possibility or explanation for me being here, something shows up to disprove or downgrade the plausibility of the my theory’s accuracy.” Vragon sighed. He slouched onto his study desk very discouraged.

“I wonder if I’ll ever find out, who I was, where I came from, and how I have this pendant.” He moaned, as he grabbed the glittering pendant around his broad neck and looked at the thing with a very depressed gaze.

“Don’t worry” said Jaron cheerfully trying to ease his friends worries, “I’m sure you’ll find out eventually.”

“Thanks Jaron,” Vragon replied, giving a slight grin, “If I have to have a total jerk of a friend in my life, I’m glad it’s you.”

“Thanks?” Jaron replied, to the bittersweet comment. Jaron shook it off and blurted out confidently, “I’m sure we’ll find another lead someday.”

“If only it were that easy to find one.” sighed Vragon even deeper than before, as he looked out the window to the light blue sky, “If only we had more clues.”

“Hey Vragon I know what will cheer you up. How about you and me go on another round.” Jaron challenged.

“Huh? Jaron I appreciate the thought but I should focus on work-”

“Nonsense Vragon.” Jaron interrupted throwing his arm over the disheartened fraxure, “It’s your day off from your job at the library and I’m done with my duties. You’ve read through books all day and haven’t been outside. No get your case and let’s go have some fun. Besides, I have a good feeling I’ll win this time.”

Vragon gave a little noise from internal chuckling.

“Yes Jaron, maybe today you will beat me in chess.”

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown