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i was actually really worried about the game being too hand hold-y and having too many mandatory tutorials. i was pleasantly surprised to see that that's not the case here. they don't leave you in the dark about things, but they also don't grab your hand and explicitly show you every little detail, and i appreciate that balance! i like that i'm able to feasibly raise a lot of pokemon bc that's something i've enjoyed with pokemon as i've gotten older. it's also not insanely easy like i was expecting. it's probably because i'm raising literally everything in my box, but sometimes the trainers will be kicking my ass lmfao.

but yeah anyway i like this game way more than i expected to and it's been an absolute delight to play. my only concern is that i will get bored with it after i finish the main story and lose interest in shiny hunting. with only gen I pokemon (+ alolan forms and meltan's line), it's going to get stale after a while and i hope that there's dlc or updates to allow for later gen pokemon to be in the game. at the least, i hope they can eventually be transferred from the go app. but yeah! really love this game and it beat my expectations!
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