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Posted August 27th, 2019
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Also in the party screen, Gligrape has a Gliscor Sprite, and in battle in doesn't have a back Sprite. It just uses its front Sprite. Is that intentional?
It's not intentional. I just haven't gotten the back sprites I'm currently working on (those being from my Pokemon Sweet 2 fan Fakedex/Cookbook, which you can find on my deviantART) to Ephraim yet. As soon as I finish those up (which shouldn't be too much longer now) I'll start working on the other PokeSweets that have been included. Don't worry guys, I'll get to it as fast as I humanly can.

Well, I could expand the Pokedex in Fire Red to allow for as many PokéSweets as I please, but that'd be a bit of a sugar overload, don't you think? Really though, if we made 721 PokéSweets I think there'd be way too many at that point.
A sugar overload, indeed. It would be nice to have a near limitless amount of PokeSweets at your command, but it would take ages to make sprites for all 721 Pokemon in the world, and who knows how many more in the distant future.
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