Seen December 11th, 2016
Posted November 10th, 2016
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Awesome! Loving this right now, just a few bugs to report on (haven't progressed much into the game yet though):

The first would be the apparent issue where Alm and the other rival whose name slips my mind appearing on all three paths branching out from the first town after you catch a Pokesweet that is able to clear the obstacles on those paths (with the two of them having different starters depending on the path taken).

Also Bakewell Island has an issue with the sound, which I suspect originates from the Pokesweet Center. Upon leaving the center, there would be a constant dull sound in the background, which isn't very obvious until you speed the game up and it becomes shrill. Have to reset the game to get rid of the sound (stays regardless of location or music played by Music Player).
UPDATE: Found a similar issue occurring in Bundt city, but I'm not 100% sure since I only noticed the sound after a while in this city.

Also issues with flying in the forest between starting town and Bakewell Island.

Inability to proceed after clearing Bakewell Island: Gary repeats his request of asking the Gym leader for details on Mega Sweets even after clearing the gym. Had to head to Candy City to clear that gym before the quest got updated.

The berry tree next to the scout asking about the swimmers freezes the game.

The Chocolate Ship map is highly buggy, you're able to surf onto the kids and fight M. Lemp repeatedly (is this intended?) and the game freezes when you talk to Gary after your second/third/etc. fight with Lemp (i.e. it's fine the first time).