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Seen August 1st, 2018
Posted March 1st, 2018
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Interested in: Hardy Shiny Pokemon Ranger Manaphy (OT: HUNTER)
Offering: I've got a JPN Ash Hat Pikachu (pretty awful IVs lol), a ENG Pokemon! With You Pikachu (Timid, also pretty awful IVs), and a UT Adamant shiny Terrakion (caught by me OT: Flan ID: 47690, decent IVs) I can offer. Are you interested in any?
Hey Cake! Thanks for stopping by!
I could go for the Terrakion for the Manaphy. Would you need a clone?
I'll be free late Saturday night (10pm MST) and Sunday day (between about 11-4 or 5).
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