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    Hi people, i gave in on Larvitar, it was driving me crazy. Anyway since i can't use Wifi, i can't get my most desired Shiny, so i decided to start a New game on Diamond just to get it Curse Diamond being the unpopulor one round here ^^

    Anyway after i beat the 6th Gym leader im stocking up as my next target will proberly be my greatest catch ever, i just hope it has a good nature.

    So im going to fly through Diamond tonight and start the softreseting tommorow.

    As you can proberly guess im going after Shiny Dialga, as i said i would when it was first revealed.

    Im pretty sure it already has been done in the SHC, but i want it aswell.

    I wish everyone the best of luck in there hunts and training and everything else you are doing ^^

    Congratulations if anyone got any new shinies while i was away for months, you deserve every pokemon in shiny ^^
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