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Character Name: Isaac Larns
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birth Date: April 4th, 1993

Appearance: Standing at 6’1, Isaac is a slightly scrawny teenage boy. His short, feathered, light brown hair sits calmly atop his head, not moving even in the harshest winds... his light blue eyes glow brightly and compliment his light skin. Isaac's usual attire consists of a short sleeved white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. On his feet he wears old black sneakers with tattered white laces over white ankle socks. Poor vision means he must wear glasses, which a small and rimless.

During colder weather Isaac has been seen wearing his usual clothing with a few changes and additions. He adds a thick, black, zip-up hoody with a plain white emblem in the top corner and he gains a white beanie that has a light blue Poke Ball marking to the side of it.

Formal occasions are something Isaac dreads, he hates being separated from his natural look and old clothing. His normal attire is replaced by a black tuxedo which consists of a thick black jacket worn over a white button-up shirt and black dress pants, he keeps his old black sneakers just to show that there are things about him no-one can change.

Personality: Most people would describe Isaac as a bit odd and those people would be right. Isaac doesn't like acting like everyone else and is always a bit solemn, he enjoys reading, writing and taking long walks. Although, he is also one of the nicest people you'd ever meet.

Isaac is very smart and knows the answer to nearly every question, but even if he doesn't know... he'll accept that and try to learn from others.

What makes Isaac a lot different to all the other adolescent teenage boys out there is the fact that he doesn't spend his time chasing girls. He'd much rather just be himself and let the girls come to him, which doesn't happen all that much seeing as how nerdy he is.

When it comes to Pokemon, Isaac is the number one person to come to for all your Pokemon facts. He enjoys hanging out with his Pokemon and treats them more as friends then as pets. Isaac loves a good battle, but will only partake in one if his Pokemon want to... he doesn't like to make his friends do things they don't want to.

History: Isaac was born in Hearthome City, where he lived for most of his life with his mother and older brother, Jamie. As a young boy, Isaac enjoyed exploring his surroundings and often wandered off towards Solaceon Town... he'd never get lost though, Isaac was much too smart for that to happen.

Isaac's curiosity would usually get him into trouble and cause him to get hurt or badly injured. Jamie loved his little brother too much to see him in pain, he would always help Isaac whenever he got hurt.

Isaac's mother wasn't like all the other mothers in Hearthome City, she was a bit of an outcast and often spent her time alone... either getting knitting or watching contests on TV. Isaac and Jamie tried not to worry too much about it and would usually just take care of themselves.

Once Jamie was finally old enough he decided to go on his Pokemon Journey, which meant leaving Isaac with their incapable mother. Jamie didn't want his younger brother to get hurt anymore, so he made a few calls and got their uncle to take care of Isaac while their mother got the help she needed.

So, Jamie left to go on his Pokemon Journey and Isaac moved to Twinleaf Town to live with his uncle. He spent the rest of his young life there and finally got the care he needed and deserved.

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