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    Originally Posted by Atomic Reactor View Post
    Alright, I like this topic, and I have some words to put out there about it. So if you have the time, please read my post! :D

    Since I signed up here in 2007, ego, popularity, and support/criticism has always been a part of this section. Always. There are always the people who only criticize, people who only say nice things, people who jump on bandwagons (those that will support something even if it's being criticized) those that will always hate a game based on the creator, and those who support and criticize pretty well (those are the best ones) You can go back, and you will find all these members that have posted on bigger games.

    These people are what make up the "community" of game dev.
    -The criticizers, who may not sugarcoat their words, but get their point across (and usually intend to help the creator, weather the creator sees that or not)

    -The supporters, who support a game because they like the creator, or because they really like the way the game works.

    Those are the two most prominent members. The problem arises when there are too many supporters, they give the creator a false sense of pride for their creation. Yes, it's neat, but it's not perfect, it never will be. So when a Criticizer comes in, it's considered negative feeback and hate. This is not the case. When you are so use to positive feedback, you will not recognize this as criticism. Some people feel they are being personally attacked, which in 98% of the time, they are not being attacked, but just trying to be given advice or help. (that 98% is a real statistic, statistics don't lie)

    As far as competition goes? We need competition. Like seriously, why would that be a bad thing? FL posted a link to something about competition that I'm sure will back up this point. Without competition, or jealousy, we would have games with cliche plots, default graphics, and god awful maps. The need to be better than another game is what drives people to try harder on theirs, make cooler features, use better graphics. When I made a game I thought "I bet I can make a game, and it will be better than this one, or as cool as that one, or just as fun as that." It shouldn't be the main force behind a game at all, but it should still be there. Without it, you wouldn't try. The game would be basic as hell. Of course you should be attempting to make your own thing, but the competition will help you try and make a more original or better experience for the players.
    Do this, always do this. Bring the popular game back down to earth. As I stated earlier, to much support can be bad. You can't have an ego thinking your game is the best because it never gets any criticism. Criticize it (with honest criticism) There's always something that can be improved.
    A post doesn't have to be supportive, it doesn't need to be sugarcoated. If the creator can't handle a rude, blunt post, then maybe they shouldn't be posting their game on the internet. There are people out there who will criticize without trying to be nice about it. It's a fact of life, and you all will need to accept that. It would be nice if people were more respectful with their crit, but it's just not how the world works. People will be dicks, you just gotta brush that brash nature off and ignore it, but take in the criticism. Impressing the dicks that criticize is a great feeling too, try and impress the naysayers.

    To the people who don't get offended that easily, it's very helpful. A supportive criticism will not be thought to be to seriously. If someone is a dick about it, it will sit with you much more heavily, and you will want to fix the problem a lot more. I mean, name calling isn't necessary, but I think sugarcoating criticism isn't helpful.

    We'd have a bunch of bad quality games, that's for sure. The dicks and criticism weed out the pansies who can't handle it, and the ones who do, generally produce quality work. (IMO)

    I don't think anything in the last 6 years has changed, other than activity. Not sure why the activity has dropped, but it's not because of the attitude of the community, I promise you that. There's always a few dicks in the group, it just cycles through different people. There are also many friendly supporters. You take the good with the bad when you enter this community, and if you don't like the bad, than get out, this won't be the place for you. You have to have thick skin if you want to make a game, and you have to be able to accept blunt criticism.

    So in conclusion:
    There needs to be some competition in order to make a good quality game.
    You have to be able to handle blunt criticism, don't just close a thread or quit a game when some arises. To better your game, you must listen to all criticism.
    And, the community hasn't really changed in the last 6 years, peoples perception has just changed. Trust me, we has the same kind of members back in the day, they just had different names ;)

    I believe that's all I have to say, I would love to see what you guy's think. I feel like I'm forgetting some stuff, I can add it in on another post I guess, idk.
    ^ this.
    I agree with it completely.

    A lot of you seem to being comparing now from back in 2007.
    Some people need to remember how much the internet has changed in the last 5 years, with Trolls, Meme's and Internet Humour. The way 'positive' attitude was is different to what many modern internet browsers think it is today, we're bound to get a 'bad' comment with the commenter may think is 'funny' and 'positive'.
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