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    I may be mistaken, as I don't usually step into the Showcase or Beginner's thing much at all, but perhaps the reason for the lack of big projects is that people aren't posting them? I know I haven't posted anything about my game, and have no intention of doing so until such a point where I have a measurable amount of progress and either have a demo release imminent or have a requirement for assistance. With all the fancy new things that are always coming out, people always want to upgrade their stuff to the latest model and they inevitably spend more time playing catch up than advancing things themselves. As a result, they never end up with something that they feel comfortable posting about or that they feel deserves posting.

    Oh, and there's also that fear of never finishing.Think about how few actually complete games we have. I can only name two off the top of my head. I have half a dozen more with demos out there. Then countless others that post about things, but no actual content is ever released. No one wants to be known as that guy who hyped everyone up for this great game but couldn't deliver and gave up.

    I know all too well how that feels. I've been mucking about in RMXP for three years now. The furthest I've ever got in developing was the first gym of my first game. There have been many iterations since, never getting anywhere further. I realised that my naive, youthful ideas were really pretty bad, and the idyllic game I wanted simply wasn't feasible. That, and I didn't really have a whole picture. It was like the dots of a dot-to-dot, but nothing to join them. That is why I went out and wrote a script for my current project. A whole backstory. Characters' motivations, history, goals. The only limiting factor at any point now is graphics, which I can certainly do but takes a lot longer than typing out thousands of words in Notepad. It will only be once I'm done that I intend on making it pretty (well, I'm making it pretty to an extent now, but like everyday pretty as opposed to Hollywood pretty for later). I often spend weeks not doing anything, then weeks working my ass off, and I have no idea how long it'll take to complete, but I'll get there. Eventually. This is the attitude that everyone should have.
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