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    Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
    Oh, I think there's no doubt in anyone's mind that Andrea will be the deciding factor in the end of the war. That conversation between Michonne and Andrea was probably my favorite scene in the episode, it really impacted Andrea. And yeah, Carol's suggestion to stick a knife into Phil (isn't his name Phil, not Patrick?) was whoa. The fact that she almost did it was cool too.

    For the record by the way, Andrea in the show is gorgeous. Just saying.

    As for Rick having both arms, I'm not so sure if they're going to go in that direction in the show. I could be wrong, and it'd be impressive to pull off (no pun intended), but I feel like acting without a hand is gonna be extremely difficult.
    PHILLIP!!! I knew I had it wrong somehow, but just went with it rather than actually use Google to not look like an idiot.

    I couldn't agree more about the missing missing arm. They'll have to devote a huge amount of money to CG or just keep Rick out of as many scenes they can if they're going to try to pull it off (great pun).
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