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Posted June 30th, 2012
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Well, I've finally come out of lurking status and have posted for the first time in PC, in honor of that amazing cliffhanger you left me with.
Since TTMGTDTW, I've always been a great fan of your writings, and I'm totally impressed with how you tell the stories. The characters are always fresh, the ghost-types are abundant and full of humor, and the way you make sure I keep reading and reading and keep asking for more is unbelievable.
Cutlerine, you're definitely on par with the best Pokemon fic writers, and I hope you'll continue this amazing story 'till the end! :D

Oh, and Ashley and Marley's relationship seemed so obvious, yet I couldn't realize what exactly it was for the world. Until you revealed it and caused me to facepalm.

~Saskue XII