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    Encrypted Counters

    FR saves 64 hidden words after the variables space. Apparently, only the first 51 of them are actually used (still their purpose is unknown) and have a max value of 0x00FFFFFF (16 millions). You can access them by using variable 0x4100 + [counter id * 2, only lower halfword] (but you need to disable the security key to read the actual value) and increment by 1 using the scripting command cmdc3 [id] and battle script command cmd60 [id].

    Here's the list of counters i found:
    0x0 n. saves
    0x1 hall of fame (HHHH/MM/SS)
    0x5 n. steps
    0x7 n. poke battles
    0x8 n. wild battles
    0x9 n. trainer battles
    0xA n. hall of fame
    0xB n. poke caught
    0xC n. poke fished
    0xD n. eggs hatched
    0xE n. poke evolved
    0xF n. pokecenter heal
    0x11 n. safari games
    0x12 n. trees cut
    0x13 n. rocks smashed
    0x15 n. trades
    0x17 n. link win
    0x18 n. link loss
    0x19 n. link draw
    0x1A n. splash used 
    0x1B n. struggle used
    0x1C n. gamecorner max payout
    0x20 ??? [manipulated by special 0xED]
    0x26 n. pokemart purchases
    0x27 n. itemfinder uses
    0x28 n. thunderstorm weather in overworld (unused)
    0x29 n. pokedex opened
    0x2A n. elitefour win? (updated with hall of fame)
    0x2B n. ledge jumps
    0x2F ???
    0x32 n. union room
    0x33 n. berry crush
    Someone making a pokemon hack

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