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    Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
    Shinylover: This is not a trading forum. Trades should be organized either through the trade forum or via PM. Also, if you knew anything about me or the club, you'd have known that I do not trade my shinies unless they are Pokéradar extras. Please leave.

    On a lighter note, I finally chained Absol to 40 and have already captured three shinies!

    Two are male, and the female has Pressure. This is going to take a while...

    Oh, and SRs are easy. :P You can't call yourself truly dedicated unless you've bred a shiny. I hope I can call myself truly dedicated soon. -.-
    I have bred a shiny before but it was by accident, does that make me dedicated? XD Nothing knew on my part today im going to start chaining machop hopefully i get a good nature and IVs. happy hunting everybody!

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