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Started: January 23rd, 2012

Yesterday, I had swiftly defeated Norman. To be honest, the haxy +Accuracy Attract and Sing Delcatty trainer was more annoying than Norman.

Today, I made mincemeat out of Flannery. Mac Double Kicked her Numel and Slugma to the moon. Torkoal could take a few hits because of its defenses. Body Slam was especially annoying, but overall Luke finished off Torkoal.

I evolved Mac and Luke as soon as they possibly could. I also did the New Mauville mission to get TM Thunderbolt. Luke became incredibly useful with Thunderbolt now to enemy Carvanha and Poochyena. I beat up all the Team Aqua nubs and skipped picking up the Castform.

Even though Mac, my strongest Pokemon, is weak to the Flying types, I wasn't concerned about Fortree Gym. I still used Mac against plenty of the battles. Double Kick finished random Swellow off, lol. In the gym leader battle, I had +2 Calm Mind with Luke and whipped Winona's team. Her Dragon Dancing Altaria gave me a lot of trouble in Ruby, so I prepared myself for the worst in Sapphire.

Let's see... I had surfed my way to Mossdeep in one repel, haha. I was a little worried about Tate and Liza because neither of my two top Pokemon are very effective against Psychic types. However, that battle also proved to be very easy. I just ganged up on Lunatone first, haha.

As soon as I reached Sootopolis, I had to stop and plan a good team to catch Kyogre with. I flew back to Rustboro and picked up a Nincada nearby. This Nincada is named after my favorite ninja, greg0915.

Nickname: Greg | Nature: Brave

I train him quickly to level 20 by repeatedly battling the TV interviewers/reporters. I mean, the ones with the Magneton and Exploud. I evolved him and I honestly had more interest in obtaining Shedinja. I nicknamed him after greg0915 too, sorta. ;P

Nickname: Mini Greg | Nature: Brave

Okay, so I have Wonderguard Shedinja. He completely avoids Kyogre's attacks. I also teach him Sand Attack and Sunny Day to -6 accuray and negate the Drizzle. With all the money I earned from beating the reporters, I go and buy 99 Dive Balls. I want to catch Kyogre in one. EKEKE

Now I'm looking for something to give Kyogre status... Ah yes, here we go. Named after the best cutie I know, Kirozane!

Nickname: Kirozane | Nature: Jolly

The plan here is to Thunder Wave in order to paralyze Kyogre. Although I know sleep is better, I just can't waste that many turns switching in my sleeper, switching back in Shedinja to avoid Kyogre's strong attacks if they do hit, etc.

Anyways, after about 7-8 attempts (I lost count) of hitting a spread 10 minutes 50 minutes into the game, I finally RNG abuse a shiny Kyogre. Not too bad! My heart was actually beating quite fast. I didn't expect to get a shiny so soon.

...Now the battle was waaay more frustrating than abusing the RNG! Kyogre just wouldn't go into 50 Dive Balls! Kyogre struggled multiple times and was barely alive when I decided, to heck with it, I am going to use the Master Ball. It's not my favorite ball, but at least I would not have to hit my frame again. Anyways, here it is:

Nature: Timid
IVs: 29 | 14 | 30 | 28 | 29 | 31

I'm 12 hours into the game with 7 badges. I box Kyogre. I plan to trade him to XD Gale of Darkness and then to Emerald. Eventually he will go on to the 5th Generation. Here's the Sapphire lineup.
:: Mac the Blaziken :: level 42
:: Luke the Gardevoir :: level 41
:: Mini Greg the Shedinja :: level 20
:: Ozzy the Lombre :: level 16
:: Keiran the Swablu :: level 19
:: Kirozane the Electrike :: level 12

@darkpokeball: Aw I did not see your post in time! I've caught what I needed and just about beat the game, lol.