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    I got a copy of Emerald the other day, so here am I, playing through Hoenn once again!

    OT: RAY | 57325
    PokeDex: 17
    Started: 23rd of February, 2012
    Time: 6:16

    As of now I have gotten my first badge and completed the Team Aqua event in Rusturf Tunnel. Once I get my teams levels up a bit, I'll move onto Dewford. Not much else to say really, though it feels inherently wrong with grinding Whismur to gain exp with my own Whismur.

    I started off with Treeko btw, but dumped that before the first gym. Here is my current team:

    QI/TAILLOW Lv 12

    I'll probably get rid of Taillow once my Nincada evolves, after the Dewford gym. I plan on catching a Gulpin later, at the very least.

    These two guys are only here for pick up/HM slave and teleporting, respectively.
    FATI/ABRA Lv 7


    A bit of progress has been made since my last update (yesterday, lol). I am now onto my third badge, and have had some small changes to my team.

    After sailing to Dewford I quickly delivered the letter to our good friend Steven, who gave me TM47 (steel wing) for my troubles. I grinded a bit in the caves, but growing tired of the continuous onslaught of Aron (and no member of my team to quickly kill it), I rushed off to Dewford gym with my team, including my level 14 Taillow.

    Taillow was the hero that day, responsible for clearing out the entire gym with just its Wing Attack. I used X-Attack against Brawly, and quickly got the second badge, with my beloved Taillow now on level 19 after all that battling.

    Sailing on to Slateport, I battled my way up the beach to access the town. I quickly headed north to catch some Pokemon, and added Gulpin to my team.

    Helper/Gulpin ♀ :3

    At this point I dumped Taillow into my PC :'(

    After catching other Pokemon for my Dex, I went back down to the beach to get some experience, and then delivered the Devon goods to the captain. After thwarting the efforts of Team Aqua, I quickly headed north. Trick House was a cinch, though my rival May presented a bit of trouble.

    After making it to Mauville, I went right to battling Wally. My level 19 Nincada quickly took care of him and sent his weak little butt back home. After evolving Nincada upon reaching level 20, I took to the gym.

    What's this?!

    Battling was a bit of pain, since I had no Pokemon to take out Magnemite, but eventually I made it to Watson.

    I allowed for my Gulpin to take care of Voltorb, narrowly surviving its final self-destruct attack. As Watson switched in Electrike, I switched in my newly evolved Shedinja with its Wonder Guard ability, which allowed me to set up with very little concern in preparation for Magneton. I spammed Double Team, applied 3 X-Attacks, X-Accuracy and X-Speed, and after curing Shedinja of paralysis, I proceeded to sweep the rest of Watson's team with Fury Cutter.

    And here I am now, 11 hours and 50 minutes into the game with 3 badges. My dear Whismur is set to evolve, but I'm delaying it till level 25 so it learns Stomp sooner. Also, I will be ejecting Shedinja from my team like... now.

    Helper/Gulpin Lv 21 ♀
    Ferus/Lombre Lv 21 ♂
    Woofer/Whismur Lv 21 ♂
    Kunoichi/Ninjask Lv 20 ♀
    Shedinja Lv 21
    Strait/Zigzagoon Lv 4 ♂ - HM Slave/Pick-up abuser
    Paired with Juicy.