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    I had never been on a real cruise boat before, though I'd often been by the water. Hoenn was filled with all sorts of tropical pokemon and was an island-like area to the southern part of the globe. As such, people not from Hoenn often reffered to the place as the country, or the tropics in general. Whether that's a good or bad thing is really up to you. I've never minded either reference.

    My name is Zane--I'm a field worker for the Pokemon Association. I deal with pokemon and people up close for my work. I'd been born in Mauville, Hoenn but once I was of age, I'd travelled to the mainland of the Kanto/Johto continent. It was a surprise to suddenly go from the countryside to the urban regions, but I'd managed to cope.

    I have dark matted hair that is really all over the place and a skin tone that was right in the middle of pale and tan. I wear a casual pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a converse jacket, as well as sneakers. Since I was always outdoors and getting dirty, I never wore anything permanent. The only thing that I always kept with me was my wristband that had six pokeballs attached to it--my pokeballs. I'd caught hundreds of pokemon for the sake of research, but these six were the ones I've raised personally and were my favorite partners. After nearly dying nearly a thousand times along side these guys, you learn to look past any personality differences you may have.

    Anyways, back to the cruise ship. I was heading to Hoenn once more on a cruise boat that had departed from Johto. The stop would be Lilycove, but the trip wasn't so direct. Since it was a cruise, it made a single trip around the entire Hoenn continent before stopping at Lilycove. Right now, we were nearest to Petalburg on the most south western side of Hoenn.

    The boat itself as glamorous, but not to big--thank god. Most of the residents were trainers, so I was never bored just watching the scenery as we passed. In fact, I spent most of my time battling my fellow trainers. It was the best bonding experience we could have.

    "Camerupt, take down!"

    "Bone club!"

    My Camerupt and James' Marowak clashed fiercely in close range, Marowak's bone slamming into Camerupt's thick head. They were apparently evenly matched in power.

    "Marowak, rage!"

    A vein appeared on Marowak's temple as it was thrown back from Camerupt's attack and it rushed forward again, only to be knocked aside again. It was letting my Camerupt use its weight and size against it, rather than attacking from above. I already knew why. Rage increased attack power with even hit sustained.

    "Now, bone rush!"

    Marowak rushed it suddenly, swinging its bones fiercely at Camerupt, who braced itself, gritting its teeth as it took the hits.

    "Your Camerupt won't be able to handle a super effective attack in succession for too long." James warned. "My Marowak's going to knock it out like that."

    "Supereffective attack?" I raised an eyebrow. "Don't be ridiculous. Camerupt, now!"

    Camerupt opened its mouth just as Marowak swung it's bone at the side of its face and caught the bone between its teeth.

    "Now, lava plume!" I grinned as Camerupt exploded with ash and flamed from its body that enveloped Marowak completely. When the ash settled, it showed Marowak lying on the ground, entirely incapacitated.

    "How?!" James cried in surprise. "It shouldn't have had the energy to deal out such a powerful hit!"

    "Camerupt's ability, solid rock, halves the damage of all super effective attacks." I reminded him as I patted my Camerupt's head gratefully. "So they're basically not even supereffective anymore."

    I continued to reassure the distressed James jokingly when I suddenly heard a bunch of clapping echo from outside the room we were in. The battles had to take place inside certain battlefield rooms so others wouldn't get caught up in them. Curious about the commotion, Camerupt and I headed to the door and looked outside of it. I was surprised to see a crowd had gathered out of no where while I'd been battling. All their backs were too me and they seemed focused on something going on at the front. So I returned Camerupt to its pokeball and I began to squeeze my way through the crowd, apologizing as I bumped into people. I was cut off as I was apologizing for accidently knocking the phone out of a business man's hand when the crowd suddenly began applauding again loudly. I looked up to see that I'd made it near the front and could see what was going on.

    A stage that had been empty before was now occupied by an MC with a microphone, announcing the name a woman with a Buneary, who stepped onto the stage as the crowd applauded. I watched as the Buneary performed elegant dance steps as it twisted and spun to music. It was strange how intoxicating it was. It was mesmerizing in a way a human dancer could never hope to imitate.

    "That was a taste of the contests in Hoenn mixed with the unique flavor of the Pokemon Musical from Unova!" The MC was telling the crowd as the woman and her Buneary curtseyed politely before turning and heading off the stage. "You will be able to experience the full thing in Lilycove once we arrive--each and every one of you will be given the opprotunity to try it out! We look forward to seeing you all there!"

    The crowd applauded once more as the MC bowed to us elegantly as the curtains closed.

    Contest, huh? I'd forgotten about those. It was the chance for people to show off their pokemon with appeals using moves, as well as compete in dancing and show off how well they are taken care of. The Musicals from Unova were simply where pokemon danced according to a script on stage for fun. It wasn't as competetive as the contest, though. I'd heard that Wallace, a champion contest coordinator, had met with Elesa of Nimbasa to discuss expanding the entertainment industry. I suppose that this had been what they had come up with.

    The crowd was beginning to disperse and I decided to head back to the battle arena to see if there was anyone else who wanted to battle. I was distracted, though, as I my eyes grazed over a figure not too far from me, and I stopped.

    The person I'd notice was, without saying, gorgeous, in a pale, snobbish way. She had long dark hair the color of the starless midnight and fragile skin that may have been paper. She wore a lime green sundress and sun hat to match, as well as flat sandals with straps that went up past her ankles. She had a bored look on her face, her eyes still trained on the stage, as he stood beside her Lilligant, who was looking up at the woman with a curious expression.

    I hadn't stopped simply because she was pretty--I'd seen lots of attractive girls while traveling. Something about her had taken me by surprise. Everyone I'd seen had a relaxed countence. They were here to enjoy the cruise, and so they had their guard down. But this girl was different. Just by looking at her, she was clearly calm and composed. But I'd studied body language and many subjects related for years. I couldn't put my finger on it, but for some reason, I felt like this girl was...special. Unable to deal with the strange sensation in my gut, I came to stand a few feet behind the girl.

    "Enjoy the show?"

    Her shoulder tensed for the smallest second as her grey eyes flickered toward me in a glare and I felt a chill go down my spine. I was at a distance even the most paranoid people would be comfortable with, and yet she'd given me such a deadly look?

    Then the girl turned completely around and smiled at me with so much warmth that the frosty feeling I'd had melted immediately. Could I have imagined the nature of her glare?

    "It was certainly interesting." She told me genially. "I intend to try it out once we land in Lilycove. The Buneary was well-trained. It didn't miss a step."

    "Only because it improvised at the end..." I muttered, mostly to myself, at that. She looked at me uncomprehendingly.

    "What do you mean?"

    "It's nothing, really. The Buneary's dance was fine up until the end, where it began to move a little less surely. It didn't look nearly smooth enough to have been planned. Either the trainer was too lazy to create the full dance or the pokemon had forgotten the end."

    "Hmm...?" The girl put a finger to her chin as she listened. "You must have a good eye. Are you going to enter a contest?"

    "Me?" I nearly laughed at that. Seriously, I had to bite down on my lip to stop myself from chuckling. That would have been rude. "No, I'm not. My pokemon are FAR from being as skilled as the Buneary. I may be able to criticize, but I can't do better."

    "Really? I think you're selling yourself up short. You look like you'd do well."

    Her warm smile melted away my previous doubts. No one could pretend to be so cheery as this. Maybe I was the one being paranoid.

    "Besides, if you just try the beginner level, I'm sure you'd see just how fun a contenst can be. I could teach you if you want, urm...."

    "Zane." I offered my name when she was a loss. "I appreciate the offer but I'm just not photogenic enough to get out stage."

    "Nonsense." She giggled. "You radiate with the necessary confidence. My name is Susana, by the way, but you can call me Suzy."

    Right then, the entire boat shuddered. It was minor--almost passable to as rough currents. But the feeling made me look out the nearest window showing the outside.

    Strange. We couldn't see the land any more.

    What is happening to the boat? What do these two have to do with the previous three mentioned? Who was that hooded man who attacked a member of the Elite Four? The plot gets rolling in the next chapter! Stay tuned!

    Meanwhile, I'm going to work out ways to help define certain character traits that I feel I am failing to impress upon you people. Especially Madame Hiver, avec ses belles cheveux D:<
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