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    "Hmm..." Mr. Briney rubbed his chin thoughtfully as I finished explaining to him everything that happened. "That's quite the tale, Zane, me boy."

    "I know, but it really did happen."

    "Oh, I believe you. There is no way you could make up something like that. The people you described--the Schola. I know of them."

    I blinked at the old man in surprise. I could hardly read his expression beneath his beard, but from what I could tell, he was serious. "You really know them?"

    "Well, not personally. I know about them. The Schola are a religious group from a different region that hold a powerful faith in a pokemon deified as a sort of god--one that was born when there was nothing, and created everything."

    "Wasn't it Groudon and Kyogre who created the land and sea?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "And Dialga and Palkia who created time and space?"

    "Yes, this is true. But who do you think created them?"

    I had no answer to that. Indeed, it had always been a mystery to the Pokemon Association as to how the legendary titans and pokemon of creation had been born. We assumed from an egg, of course, like all pokemon. But had that egg not been laid by a pokemon before it?

    "That explains why that girl reffered to Arceus with such reverence..." I muttered. "But she also called it a 'savior'. What was that about?"

    "Well, that truly is an old story--one before the existence of the titans. It's been passed down by oral traditions for ages, but not many believe it, so it is not accepted as truth by anyone aside from the Schola."

    "Can you tell me?" I insisted. "If this is the foundation for their faith, then it might explain why they're after me."

    Mr. Briney sighed deeply as he took a sip from his tea. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention. The three of us were inside his little single room cabin on route 104, sitting at the short table in the center so low that we had to sit on the floor. Mr. Briney had fed us two after nearly drowning, which I was grateful for, and Susana had promptly passed out. She simply lied her head on the table and shut her eyes, and she was out like a light, despite having woken up after me. I would have gone to sleep as well, but I was too conserned about what had happened.

    "I'll tell you." Mr. Briney decided finally. "But don't put too much stock behind this tale, lad. Eons ago, back before this world even existed, another world did, in a dimension all on its own. It was a world where three pokemon governed as rulers, with only one sage above them whom was reffered to as father. For the most part, everything was left to the three pokemon to do as they please. But the older of the two of the Pokemon had a terrible feud with one another and fought one another to prove themselves superior. In the fighting, they forgot all about the third and youngest Pokemon, who wisely retreated from the fighting. Time and space clashed between the two feuding and the world they lived in slowly began to crumble in deteriorate, turning into a ghost of the beautiful land it once was. The Pokemon that those feuding saw as a father finally had enough of the fighting and descended upon them in order to mediate. Blinded by fury and impulsive with anger, the two Pokemon lashed out without thinking, weakening their father greviously. The father, however, refused to allow himself to perish, and used all of his power to banish the two who attacked him. He placed great burdens on them both. He set the regulation of all space onto the shoulders of one Pokemon and forced the other to become guardian of all time. The two, bound by this fate, were unable to vent their fury any longer and saw what they had done. The land had been harmed so badly, the distortions in space and time could not be fixed, and so the the pokemon had to leave and create another world with their powers over time and space--a world that we know today quite well. The father, tired from taxing himself so badly, shattered his own existence in order to preserve his life, scattering them across time and space, for a purpose we do not know. Left behind, the third ruler who loved the land now so distorted, remained behind the govern the empty world alone, forever hounded by bitterness and hatred for what had transpired so long ago."

    Mr. Briney sighed as he picked up his tea and took a long drink from it. It took me a second of him not continuing before I realized he was done.

    "That's it?" I blinked. "Is that all there is to it?'

    "Aye, lad. What did you expect? It's a myth only those in the Schola truly believe."

    "But the three rulers, they are Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, right? The creation trio from Sinnoh?"

    "Correct. Sinnoh is supposedly where Palkia and Dialga appeared in this world, exactly the center of Mt. Coronet to be exact, and created this world. From then on, the legend is as we know."

    I folded my arms as I frowned. The story was interesting, but far-fetched. What did it have to do with the Schol aattacking me? What exactly where they after?

    "I've gotten an entire religious group chasing after me and I can't figure out why." I moaned in exasperation as I pressed the palm of my hand to my forehead. "What a mess."

    "You haven't really got the entire group after you, I'd imagine." Mr. Briney said consolingly. "Only five of them, if things haven't changed."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Anyone can convert to their faith, but there are a specific five who act sort of like the ones in charge, protecting anything directly related to Arceus."

    "There were a bunch of grunts with the one who attacked me earlier. Five, I think, all with trained pokemon."

    "Really? Well that's a surprise..."

    "Surprise? For me? Oh, you shouldn't have." Susana yawned as she raised her head, rubbing her eyes with her hands. Her dark hair was draped over her face lazily. She stared at me and Mr. Briney giving her odd looks, then blushed in surprise. "Oh! You weren't talking about me, were you?!"

    "Good morning, sleepy-head." I sighed. "You just missed a great seaman's story."

    "Really?" Susana smiled at Mr. Briney. "It must have been pretty interesting."

    "It was just an old story about creation." Mr. Briney shrugged without making eye contact. Strange. I'd never known him to be nervous around any woman. "But you really took a long rest. I guess you too will be heading out soon?"

    "Yep." I nodded. "We're going to need to head north-east, to Lilycove."

    "But how?" Susana's eyebrows nitted together in confusion. "The boat left us behind."

    "We'll just hike straight through Hoenn and get their before them. I know this region like the back of my hand, so it'll be easy."

    "Eeehhh?!" Susana was now dismayed. "We're going to walk there?"

    "Got a better idea? All of our stuff is on board that ship."

    Susana just buried her face in harm arms, moaning aloud. I chuckled to myself. Clearly she wasn't the type used to adventuring.


    "It's so gloomy here." Susana whined as we trudged through the forest. The trees were so thick, they created a canopy above us that filtered the light. "And damp."

    "It's just a short walk through here." I assured for the tenth time. "So long as we know where we're going and don't get lost, we'll be out in no time. Besides..." I looked up to her, sitting on my Camerupt's back with her legs pulled up rather than hanging loosely at the sides. "You seem to be pretty comfortable."

    "Actually, it's very bumpy and uncomfortable." She replied, probably just to be contrary. "And your Camerupt seriously needs to be groomed. I've seen worse, but there is ash all over its fur!"

    As she said this, she covered her mouth and sneezed. Her Lilligant, who was beside her on Camerupt's hump, offered her a spare leaf and Susana accepted it gratefully.

    "Camerupt hasn't had a bath since the last time we fought a battle, so I'm afraid that we can't do anything about it, unless you want to clean it."

    Susana muttered something about me being a barbaric, uncultured slob that made me chuckle.

    "You talk like some sort of rich family's daughter." I informed her. "Although that's not much of a surprise."

    "I'm not rich. My parents passed a way long ago. I haven't had the chance to visit their graves in Unova for over three years."

    I blinked at her in surprise. Her parents were dead? It made me feel kind of bad asking about it now.

    "How did you grow up, then? Were you on your own, or...?"

    "You're probably wondering where my refined personality came from, right? I lived in an orphanage in Iccarus city where this man named Brycen visited often. He taught us about pokemon and how to care for them, and he personally introduced me to the Pokemon Musical. I fell in love immediately, along with my friendly Petilil, and dreamed of joining one ever since. I have, of course, and did fabulous."

    "Hmm." Was all I could say in response. No wonder she reacted to negatively to having the travel by foot. She had never done it before--at least, not to this extent. She may not even have been that profficient at battling. I feared that I would have to protect her the entire way to Lilycove. Maybe it would be better to teach her to fight myself....

    Then I remembered what had happened on the boat, and how she'd somehow been floating beside me in the water when Mr. Briney had found us.

    "Say, Susana," I began slowly, hopping carefully over a puddle of mud. "After I fled the boat with that bomb, what did you do?"

    "Well," She hesitated at well, refusing to meet my eyes. "I saw you toss it away from yourself, but the explosion still knocked you off of Metagross. I wanted to cushion your fall with Lilligant's petals, but we were way to far to reach you. We moved to the window to get closer, and...fell."

    I stared at her as kept her eyes trained on the canopy above for a long moment before I burst out laughing.

    "Oh dear god!" I hooted as Camerupt snickered along with me. "You fell?! Of all the ways to go overboard, that has got to be the best one I've ever heard!"

    "Well excuse me for worrying about you." She said scathingly. That sobered me up quickly.

    "Alright, alright." I said, raising my hands in surrender. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make fun of you or anything."

    "Sure you didn't." She continued to pout, her face trying to be angry, though I could see the corners of her lips twitching as she struggled not to grin. Then her expression was wiped away as she noticing something.

    "What are those?" She asked as she pointed. I looked to see what she meant. Several hedges were lined up to her left--our right, too-- with brownish mushrooms sitting on them with green splotches all over their bodies. I could see the large mushrooms shuddering as the tensed, the faces on them scrunched up in effort. I immediately knew what was going on. The Shroomish were preparing to fire off their spores--stun spore specifically.

    "Camerupt, lava plume--" I faltered as I remembered that Susana was on Camerupt's back. If the ashes in his fur bothered her, inhaling them directly might actually kill her. Which meant only one thing...

    "Run for it, Camerupt!" I ordered as I began running myself. Camerupt didn't hesitated to follow right after me as we charged through the trees. Shroomish all around us began spouting a yellow dust into the air around us and I covered my mouth and nose with one hand.

    "Don't breathe in the spores!" I warned Susana, whow as hanging on for dear life.

    "Thanks for the warning!" Susana called back as her Lilligant firmly held one of its leaves over her face, protecting her. We rushed right out of the woods in to the daylight, putting a lot of distance between us and the forest, coming to a stop on a bridge spanning over a still lake. I sat on the nearest bench to take a breather.

    "That was a close one." I said as I stood up to help Susana down from Camerupt. She sat on the bench and quickly swatted the stray spores from her hair and off of Lilligant's petals. "Are you alright?"

    "I cannot believe those pokemon attacked out of NO WHERE!" Susana seethed in fury. "Don't they have any manners, rather than choosing to paralyze first, and possibly ask questions later?"

    "Pokemon don't just attack out of no where." I assured her. "I think my laughter may have disturbed them, so they attacked out of self-defense because I was so loud."

    "Don't try to excuse them...hmm?" Susana muttered insolently before glancing at the figure nudging one of her legs with its read nose. She drew in a sharp breath and jumped as she realized what it was.

    "What manner of a creature is that?" She demanded as she pulled her legs up onto the bench to keep the pokemon from touching them.

    "It's a Nosepass." I told her as I knelt down beside the rock pokemon and petted its head gently. It seemed to appreciate the friendliness, rather than reacting as surprised as Susana. There were no wild Nosepass around here and the only person I knew who owned one in Rustboro was...

    "Roxanne!" I grinned up at the gym leader as she approached. The scholar held a textbook in one hand and had her hair tied in two loops around her head that drooped down into ponytails. She was probably the second youngest gym leader in Hoenn. She grinned back at me as we embraced each other quickly.

    "Zane, it's been ages!" She exclaimed happily. "I was nearby studying when Nosepass suddenly ambled off in this direction and I had to follow after it to see what was up. But I didn't expect you to be here!"

    "Nor did I." I laughed. "It was kind of an accident. By the way, this is my friend, Susana, who's traveling with me. Susana, this is Roxanne, gym leader of Rustboro City and a fellow field worker of mine in the Pokemon Association."

    Susana ceased poking Nosepass's indicative nose and looked up to Roxanne with curious eyes.

    "Hello." She greeted. "You just seem to know everyone, don't you Zane?"

    "He's been everywhere, no doubt." Roxanne chuckled. "Pleasure to meet you. So, Zane, what are you doing here this time around?"

    "Let's see, where to begin? How about we start with time?"

    My, isn't that last sentence indicative in and of itself? The next chapter should be out sometime next week, as soon as I get my groove on to make one of my favorite gym leaders look good in battle. Pay close attention to that long legend that I had Mr. Briney ramble about. It's pretty relevent throughout the story and I may not write the whole thing out again.

    Any suggestions, comments, questions, blah, blah, etc. are welcome :)
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