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    Victoria turned around at hearing Bliss’ tone and slightly snide comment. She uncovered her ears and glared at her from across the expanse between them. “No, I’m not scared.” She replied. “It was just really loud, you telling me it didn’t hurt your ears a little?” She concluded, turning her back to Bliss once again now slightly miffed.

    Pixie insisted yet again for her attention. “Pix! Pix!” She bayed. “Ok, ok, I’m coming. Keep your tails on.” Victoria replied, as she started to make her way over to what the little Vulpix so eagerly wanted to show her.

    Victoria finally arrived, a good distance from the shore. She really hoped Bliss was still behind her. She quickly surveyed the surrounding area, and noticed the berry trees scattered about. Pixie seeming triumphant with her discovery, and ever so proud of herself as she pranced around them. Victoria let out a muffled sigh. “Pixie, as much as I appreciate the effort, we just aren’t looking for food right now. Maybe tomorrow we can come back and get them. Remember, we’re looking for a person, not food. Ok?” She said, making wild gestures hoping to be understood.

    The little Vulpix looked at her appraisingly, cocking her head from side to side. “Pi-Pi Pix.” She whined. “Not now, I know you’re hungry but just let it go. Ok? Don’t make me put you in your ball for now.” Victoria scolded the little fox.

    Pixie inclined her head and stared at the ground sorrowfully. “Vuli-pix pix.” She cried out. “No, enough! Return.” Victoria said sternly and held out Pixie’s Pokeball. The little Vulpix vanishing in the beam of light. Victoria looked over at Bubba who was happily munching on the fallen berries. “What are you looking at?” She said in an obvious tone of displeasure. “Po-potas.” Bubba responded unfazed.

    “Whatever...where did Bliss go anyway? Maybe I shouldn’t have run so far ahead...” Victoria tried to retrace her steps, Bubba plodding along behind her, still eating merrily. “Bliss! Hey Bliss! Where are you?” She took a few more steps. Her foot thumped against something mid-stride. The impact forceful enough to shake her off balance. Victoria landed with a jolt, the leaves underneath cushioning her fall.

    It was at that moment she noticed what her foot had struck. She had tripped over Kelsey’s body. Panic caused her eyes to widen, unable to tell in the dark if the girl was dead or alive. She quickly rolled the girl on her side and placed her head against Kelsey’s chest. Faintly the sound of her raspy breath broke through the backdrop of the forest indicating life.

    Victoria launched herself to stand, and began to shout. “Bliss!... Bliss!.... Bliss!”

    OOC: I understand Bliss. Normally I would never control the actions of others either. I didn't know how long this search was supposed to continue. I figured Abi would want to post again eventually. Anyway Bliss, the ball is in your court. Who do you want to lift? :D (Victoria hasn't noticed Coal yet.)
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