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    OOC: You can swear, but censor it, like s***

    Bliss shook her head, thinking to herself she shouldn't have made a joke out of it. She sighed as she noticed a man nearby. He was running off in a different direction, and then some thunderbolts quickly lit the area. Bliss turned back at Victoria, then wondered off towards where Damion went. She peered through the bushes. It was Kelsey! Damion seemed concerned for her. Bliss snapped out of her thoughts as her name was being called out nearby.

    "Oh god, Victoria!" She shouted, running towards where the screaming was coming from. Her Pokemon seemed concerned, as they all headed towards the same direction Bliss was headed, but at a much faster pace. Bliss attempted to keep up, but then tripped over herself. It was a wild Tangela!

    "Freequa, HELP!" Bliss shouted, trying to get her Pokemon to come back. The Tangela had wrapped his vines around her ankles and was holding her down. "Let go!" Bliss attempted to pull the vines apart, but another vine just whipped her hands away. "Freequa, Freequa, FREEQUA!" she shouted out, hoping the said Pokemon would come back.


    Freequa had stopped, her trainer was calling out to her. Grace and Free-Free had stopped as well, wondering what was going on.

    "Typhlosion, Ty Ty phlosion! (Bliss is in danger, we gotta go help!)" Freequa called out to her fellow Pokemon.

    "Freeeee! Free Free! ButterButterFree! (You go on back, we'll find that girl)" Free-Free replied.

    "Leaf, Leafeon, feon! (Yes, you go, go!)" Grace agreed, and started running again. Free-Free followed, leaving Freequa in search for it's trainer. She soon found Bliss being attacked by a hoard of Tangela.

    "Freequa, use swift on all the Tangela, then use the same attack to free me!" Bliss commanded. Freequa did the said attack, after letting out a loud battle cry.

    "Tangelaaaaaa!" They all cried out, as they were being hit by the yellow stars. The attacks continued on and on, before they were all gone. The Tangela that was holding Bliss down in the first place had let go, running away to save itself. She pushed herself up.

    "Great job, Freequa!" She congratulated her Pokemon, doing a thumbs up. Freequa chuckled, and then started running where they had originally headed. However, that was soon to be thwarted.

    "Taaangrowth!" A voice boomed. Freequa stopped in her tracks, Bliss frozen.

    "Oh no, Tangela's evolution!" She cried, taking a step back. The Tangrowth quickly shot a vinewhip towards Bliss, and wrapped her up.

    "Typhlosion!" Freequa shouted, her flames started up, ready for another battle.

    "No! Flamethrower's too risky, whether this is a desperate situation or not!" Bliss informed, quickly thinking of a different plan


    "Go get Grace and Free-Free, and quickly! I'll manage, but go now!"

    "Typhlosiooon!" Freequa was a little reluctant, however quick to go off in search of her Pokemon friends.

    They were not too far away.


    Since Grace and Free-Free parted with their fire Pokemon friend, they were headed quickly towards Damion and Victoria.

    They found them, Damion was helping Victoria.

    "Freeeeee!" Free-Free called, wondering what was going on.
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