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    OOC:On a quick break between jobs. My post will come later tonight around 9-930 EST. Just letting you all know! :]

    As Damion Started for the beach through the underbrush he noticed the girl who had attempted to attack him was dragging behind.

    "You might want to keep up, we don't need a repeat of what already happened." He said turning back to the girl. Seeing her looking more at the Cyndaquil in her arms than at where she's going. "And looking at the ground will probably help you avoid tripping over branches in the dark, like the one you're about to trip on now." He watched as she realized what she was about to do and catch herself. Damion simply smirked and chuckled to himself, and then turned and continued on the way to the beach.

    As he cleared the edge of the forest, he continued onto the beach. When he got closer to the shore he fell to one knee as his leg gave out. He tried to make it look like it was on purpose as he gently set the girl down on the cool beach sand.

    "I think you just need some more rest." Damion said quietly as if to himself and the girl. After he did he simply smiled at her, and then winced slightly from his previous injuries, now becoming more prevalent.
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