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Vincent Phoenix

As Vincent had put the final touches on the shelter, it had gotten relatively dark. He folded his arms across his chest and let out a huff, admiring his handywork. One tree had been tipped over and rested in between the two trunks of a Y shaped tree. Giant leaves were let down the sides of the trunk to create the ‘walls’ of the shelter, and more leaves were laying on the ground inside, to prevent people from having to lie on the sand and ground.

“Good job, Ace. I’ll call you back later, when we find some food.” “Dabra.” Ace nodded and Vincent recalled him into his pokéball, bouncing it in his hand before placing it on his belt again. He glanced to his right and saw… some guy stumble out of the forest, carrying Kelsey. He quirked a brow somewhat the appearance of the guy, but breathed out quietly as Victoria followed and Bliss stumbled along afterwards.

“Hey! Over here, the shelter’s done!” He raised an arm and gave a wave. Victoria blinked and looked towards him, as did Bliss. With a concerned little look at Kelsey and the guy, who seemed to have… begun sleeping in the middle of the beach, Vincent shook his head and let out a huff before entering the shelter and sitting down in a corner of it. It was a bit less chilly in here, thanks to the leaves and whatnot, but it wasn’t all that good a shelter. “Damn idiots thinking this is some kind of vacation or romantic story… mrph. I hope they’ll stop acting like that when they realize we’re gonna be here a –long- time.”

After making sure that Victoria and Bliss had gotten into the shelter, Vincent lay down and rolled onto his side, sighing quietly as he shut his eyes, curling a little up to shield himself from the faint cold still present despite the ‘walls’ of the shelter, slowly drifting off into a light sleep.
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