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    Kelsey opened her weary eyes. It suddenly hit her: that truly perfect dream she had was not a reality. She felt crushed at this depressing realization. It brought tears to her eyes, just for a second.

    "Come on, Kelsey! Don't cry now!" She took a deep breath, stretching her limbs, which felt surprisingly good. She then exhaled. "What happened earlier?" She pondered the thought for a brief period of time. "Oh... oh... my... that Pikachu! It hit both me and Coal with a thunderbolt! Holy crap!" Her eyes widened. "Coal! Where is he?" Kelsey briefly remembered seeing his tiny body. She hardly remembered the details, but as long as it wasn't a dream and nothing too horrible happened, her Pokemon friend was at least alive.

    She sprung up. Normally, she wouldn't be so quick to stand up after being out a few moments prior, but Coal meant the world to her. She scanned while jogging around. Then, she saw Coal. He was in Victoria's arms, both of them fast asleep. She ran away, grumbling to herself.

    "What the hell? Why is she holding him like that?" Kelsey's mumbles sounded particularly angry. She was protective of Coal, perhaps a bit too much, because she was too anxious around other people to make too many friends throughout her life. That Cyndaquil was the only thing that stuck by her side, through thick and thin since the young age of 7. She's spent an entire decade with him, and she was not about to live with the fact that Victoria could be hurting him. After she was far enough from the others so that she wouldn't wake them up, since she wouldn't want to be woken up if she was any of them, she started talking to herself a bit louder.

    "That b****! What the hell does she think she's doing to my poor little Coal!" Her jaw was clenched shut as she uttered that last sentence. Her fists tightened. She collapsed onto the sand. "What the-" She lost her breath. Rational thoughts crept into her head, but due to her pessimism, she pushed them out for a little while, making a slight growling sound. Then, she caught her breath.

    "Wait... that Victoria girl didn't seem like the sort of person who would hurt an innocent little Pokemon. I guess I could be wrong, but it didn't look like the way she was holding him was in a rough way or anything. If anything, they looked like they were cuddling.

    She slowly made her way back to check out the scene. Kelsey tiptoed up to Victoria and Coal, and looked a little closer. Upon being a bit more calm, she saw that the girl did not have her Pokemon on a choke hold or anything similar. The two were cuddling. It was actually kind of sweet.

    "But why? I mean, Coal likes to be kept company, but it's not like Victoria knew that..." Then, she took a closer look. She was partially curled up, holding Coal close to her chest. "On second thought... maybe she's cold. Coal is a good cuddle buddy, with his warm body. The poor girl is only wearing a tank top, maybe she just needed warmth."

    Then, Kelsey's sweet and caring side came out. She unzipped the striped hoodie, and gently placed it over the two. A chill was sent down her spine, almost making her want to take back what she did, but she decided against it. It was nice to think that Victoria would no longer seem so cold. Although the first impression she got of her was negative, after the more recent chat, she seemed nice enough to deserve it.

    She saw that the boy named Vincent had finished up his shelter. It was impressive, given the circumstances of being on a deserted island. She went inside it, noting that there were leaves making up the floor. She laid down, shivering, but smiling at the thought that her hoodie went to good use. It was a long day, so slowly but surely, Kelsey drifted off into a fairly peaceful sleep.
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